A Guide On Holding A Memorable Yet Sustainable Wedding

A Guide On Holding A Memorable Yet Sustainable Wedding

A wedding is one of the most significant milestones in a person's life. For those who have yet to get married, their wedding is one milestone they look forward to. On the other hand, for those who have already gotten married, their wedding is one event they always look back on. This is no surprise considering how the wedding day is when you express your love and lifelong commitment to your partner. 

However, with all the varying considerations like the budget, venue, guests, food and many other to keep in mind and tend to, it is very easy to turn a blind eye to how much waste and carbon footprint your wedding ceremony is leaving behind. This can be hurtful, especially for those actively trying to live an environmentally-sustainable life.

If this is you, fret not! Here are three ways you can embark on this new chapter of your life while being environmentally sustainable.

Eco-friendly cutleries

Implementing eco-friendly cutleries are one of the easiest ways to incorporate environmentally-sustainable elements on your special day. The best part about this tip is the myriad of options available. If your wedding is outdoor themed, a popular choice of cutlery would be the wood cutlery that matches the ambience of the outdoor wedding. 

Alternatively, you could opt to rent steel cutleries from your wedding caterer if you are going for a more classic wedding theme. Most importantly, it would be best if you avoided plastic cutleries at all costs. These plastic cutleries take many years just to break down as compared to the steel cutlery that can be washed and reused or the wooden cutlery that is easily compostable. This applies to plastic cups as well.

A common alternative is paper cups. Not only would you have tons of designs to match the theme of your wedding, but you would also be able to dispose of them more sustainably.

Eco-friendly gift bags

Gift bags that guests receive for attending the wedding also play a significant role in contributing to the waste left behind every wedding ceremony.

A simple way to combat this issue is to consider alternatives to the plastic gift bag. You could choose a biodegradable food packaging container if your gift involves food. Not only does it give your gift bag a classy touch since it is not a conventional gift bag, but it also serves various purposes as your guests can reuse it to keep their other food items. 

Alternatively, you can consider other methods of packaging your gifts. One way is through the Japanese method of Furoshiki. It is a Japanese wrapping cloth that was previously utilised to carry around belongings. Now, it has become a popular eco-friendly gift wrapping method because of its aesthetically pleasing look and eco-friendly aspect. 

Pick a sustainable wedding venue

All it takes to uncover the various environmentally-friendly wedding venues near you is a simple Google search. There are many beautiful and spacious venues with magnificent views that you can pick from. A question you might have is what makes a wedding venue sustainable?

Essentially, a sustainable wedding venue uses environmentally-friendly products like solar panels, LED light, green roofs and other similar elements that ensure that you are not negatively contributing heavily to the environment on your special day.


As someone who is conscious about how environmentally sustainable their actions are, it is possible to feel troubled even on your special day knowing that you are heavily contributing to global warming.

However, these three tips will assure that your big day is a memorable one because of embarking on a new chapter as well as remaining sustainable on that day.