5 Helpful Tips For Throwing An Environmental Friendly Party

5 Helpful Tips For Throwing An Environmental Friendly Party

Throwing an eco-friendly party might seem daunting or even impossible, but there are plenty of eco-friendly choices you can make - from your choice of decorations and food packaging to planning how you should handle any leftover food at the end of the party.

Whether you’re planning a birthday, graduation or engagement party, how can you ensure it does the least harm to the environment?

Stay sustainable and follow these tips on how to host a low-waste bash!

1. Use environmental friendly decorations

Streamers, banners and balloons give you temporary fun at the moment, but they create a lot of waste. Instead, get creative! Make your own decorations from your own reusable and recycle materials at home. You may use rose petals as confetti or scatter them around to decorate your table or make tissue paper flowers you can use over and over again.

Party hats and banners can be made from construction paper, old cardboard or even from a cloth. To make things personal, you can even allow your guests to colour their own party hats.

2. Purchase fresh instead of packaged

Food is undoubtedly one of the most significant sources of waste at parties. Shop local and purchase everything fresh instead of frozen meat or vegetables.

Even though they might take longer to prepare, fresh food is eco-friendly, tastier and more nutritious, unlike frozen food. Consider going for a plant-based menu as it is definitely more sustainable too. 

3. Digitalise your invitations

Instead of printing out plenty of invitations on expensive papers, utilise the advancement of technology and send your invitation via Facebook, email or any other social media platforms.

Feel free to personalise your e-invites and make them look the way you want. Not only do you save money and time, but you also save paper and the environment.

4. Have a separate trash bag for recyclables 

Your party is not complete without trash bags for different recyclable items, so make sure you have a clear trash division station. Have separate trash bags for paper, glass, plastic and metal.

5. Have a food leftover plan

Not having sufficient food is every host’s worst nightmare so oftentimes, hosts overprepare and overcook, resulting in greater food wastage. To tackle this, you can prepare a set of small disposable containers for your guests to bring home should there be any food leftover. But before you even get to that part, you can first plan the portions for your guests by knowing the exact number of invitees who will be attending.

For example, instead of a buffet - you can choose to go for catering options which offer fixed bento boxes or lunch sets to avoid food wastage. It’s only when there’s still food leftover should you prepare them containers or plastic bags to take the food home.

Or if you want to be extra eco-friendly, you can opt for biodegradable food packaging for your guests. Don’t let your food go to the bins, but tummies!

6. Keep your party games simple

There isn’t a need for luxurious equipment like a karaoke machine. You can plan a nature-based scavenger hunt in your local park, make use of the board games you already have at home, or have an activity to create new products, like a photo frame or ornaments from old newspapers.

Unleash and spark your guests’ creativity with such activities that do not require many materials. Simple games can be fun too!


Planning and hosting a green party isn't so hard with the right planning. With the above tips, you can kill two birds with one stone: play your part in saving the environment, and give your guests a unique party they’ll never forget!

Your eco-friendly journey begins here!