Paper Cups

Dedicated to providing disposable paper cups of exceptional quality, Supply Smiths is a wholesale supplier of single and double wall paper cups in Singapore. From black, white, to brown-coloured paper cups - our simple and clean design is suitable for a variety of uses - be it a corporate party, family gathering, or everyday use at the workplace.

Not to mention, our cups aren’t just ideal for keeping you hydrated - but our paper feature is packed with tons of benefits when in use.

Environment-friendly - Created using natural raw material, easy-to-dispose, and recyclable for the second time.

Excellent usability - Convenient and easy-to-use, doesn’t turn deformed, doesn’t slide out of hands, and there isn’t a need to wash the cup.

Multi-purpose - Perfect for serving hot or cold coffee, tea, milk, and chocolate. The paper sleeve ensures you’ll be able to easily hold the cup, alongside the strong and sturdy sealing lid that makes sure you don’t spill a drop of your beverage.

Low conductivity - With a low conductivity, double wall paper cups aren’t heated too much from their hot source (e.g. a cup of coffee or tea) and don’t burn one’s hands, simply just maintaining the temperature of the liquid content.

Ideal for branding - Our non-branded cups make way for efficient ad space, so you can easily design, draw, or print out your business name or logo on them. For a splash of colours or enhanced quality, you could also go for high-quality full-colour printing to fully draw out your brand’s full potential.

Wide-ranging sizes for any occasion - From our 4oz to 12oz cups, discover all kinds of sizes suited for a variety of occasions - perfect for all kinds of social gathering, such as a birthday party or for daily use in the office.

If you’re looking for wholesale prices for disposable paper cups or any other type of basic food or beverage packaging – Supply Smiths is one of the leading suppliers in Singapore you can look for to fulfil your needs.

Add this simple, minimalistic collection of paper cups into your cart and quench the thirst of friends, customers, or basically anyone easily!