Plastic Food Containers

Supply Smiths is proud to present our catalogue of plastic containers for food packaging, available in both round and box shapes, and in a wide variety of sizes.

In our increasingly fast-paced and hectic lifestyles, we value portability and convenience more than ever in Singapore. Customers more often takeaway than do dine-in, or perhaps they simply bring home-cooked food from home to the school or workplace, rather than spend time and money buying from the local hawker centre or restaurant. Thus, the importance of a portable way to carry food has never been more important than today.

These plastic food containers are designed to be durable, lightweight, and available in a variety of shapes & sizes for any combination of food that you might want to store and carry.

Have you ever wasted space or made things too bulky for yourself by storing food into a container that’s too big? Or perhaps you found that your container was too small to fit all the food you wanted to keep? Well, with our wide range of container sizes, you’ll never have to run into these problems again! Our range of plastic container sizes ranges from a tiny 100ml box to a giant 3000ml tub, and every size variation in-between. No matter what, or how much food you need to store, we have just the right container for it!

We at Supply Smiths want to make it as easy as possible to pack and store food.

You might also be doubtful as to the environmental friendliness of these plastic containers, as you’ve heard that plastic containers take an extremely long time to decompose. Well, that point assumes that one has to throw away a plastic container after use. But even if they can be disposable, these plastic containers don’t need to be thrown away! On the contrary, these plastic containers can be endlessly washed and reused! If you don’t want to throw away plastic containers needlessly, then you’ll never have to again! Not only will you be saving an immense amount of money by reusing your plastic containers, its more eco-friendly as well.

The potential uses of these containers are as wide as you can make it. Whether its packaging leftovers for future days, or taking home-cooked food to work or school break. We want to make it easier to do it all.

The plastic material lets one know at a glance what food is being stored inside, which thus obliviates the need to open up the cover to check its contents (and thus risk the food spilling out or getting cold).

We at Supply Smiths spare the least expense bringing you ever-more convenient ways to carry your food around, because we believe you deserve to eat whatever you want, wherever you are.

We constantly strive to become one of the best go-to suppliers in Singapore when it comes to disposable food takeout and storage containers, so order our plastic containers now and enjoy convenient food storage and carrying without waste today!