Paper Lunch Boxes

The Kraft paper lunch boxes collection is designed for convenient lunches within or outside your home. No matter the purpose of the lunch box, Supply Smiths is one of the reliable and efficient lunch boxes suppliers who are able to meet your needs in no time.

Many companies, be it start-ups or major government organizations will take part in corporate events and functions from time to time. And amidst all the talks, ceremonies and work-related portion of the schedule, lunch is the time for most people to sit back and relax as they take in their meal.

At Supply Smiths, we provide convenient storage for you to pack all this food for your colleagues or guests. What we offer is disposable lunch boxes as well - making it easy to clean up once lunch time has passed.

On the contrary, our lunch boxes are perfect as food take outs when you are planning to organize a company team bonding.

Mothers of the household can also make use of our lunch boxes as takeaways for their beloved kids who are still schooling. With its disposable aspect, your child’s experience during lunch is made hassle-free.

Our paper lunch boxes are great for all kinds of purposes, so purchase them in wholesale and use them for special events or day-to-day activities whenever required.

At Supply Smiths, we’re all about simplicity and convenience. Once you have your food packed in our Kraft lunch boxes, they are neatly piled up and ready to serve once your desired receiver is prepared for his or her meal.

We spare no effort in becoming one of the go-to suppliers in Singapore when it comes to lunch boxes, so order from us and delight in an enjoyable take out with our lunch boxes.