Paper Bags

Interested in diving into the retail industry but don’t have a sufficient number of packaging supplies to keep your products or clothing? Have an upcoming event, but you don’t have your packaging needs covered just yet?

Whatever issue you’re facing, Supply Smiths is the wholesale supplier you can count on for Kraft paper bags in Singapore. Choose from our 4 basic colours of brown, black, red, and white - then add your brand logo or name by inviting your in-house designer or source for one externally.

We also offer customised packaging as well - just simply get in touch with us, and we’ll answer your questions!

On the other hand, here are the benefits in-store for you when you decide to use a paper bag for your business or personal needs.

Reusable & durable - Extra stronger and solid, paper bags have an upstanding figure which makes them capable of keeping more items on the double.

Square-base paper bags - Known as a fashion and status symbol concurrently in today’s market, many brands in the apparels sectors have their shopping bags made out of paper. Complemented with the right, attractive designs - it’ll make your brand stand out from competitors and even provide you with free advertising and endorsement.

Energy saver - Paper helps to save tons of energy as it is typically created using locally available materials. Moreover, as paper bags are extracted from recycled and unbleached brown Kraft paper - it acts as a fantastic solution to saving energy, natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recyclable & biodegradable - Our bags can be continually reused as they’re made from renewable natural resources. With the help of a paper mill, they can be remade into a brand new paper easily. Not to mention, the majority of paper bag waste takes less than 6 months to degrade, and usually, they turn out as fertile waste used in vegetation. 

With Supply Smiths as your go-to wholesale supplier for paper bags in Singapore, simply let loose and rest easy knowing that your packaging needs are settled when there’s a special occasion or marketing campaign coming up.