Sugarcane Bagasse

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Go green with Supply Smiths’ selection of biodegradable food packaging and takeaway containers in Singapore. We have all kinds of sizes available, and they’re ideal for both personal and business use - depending on what’s your intended purpose!

Our products can be used for packing food to be sold to your consumers or during big family gatherings for ease of use or takeaway even. Opt for our lunchboxes or packaging with ready-made lids so meals can be taken home easily when one is satiated or be used for food delivery businesses.

Convenience and multi-purpose use aside; our biodegradable food packaging is completely eco-friendly and comes with numerous perks.

Safe for use & harmless - Absolutely safe for adults and children, our biodegradable food packaging is made out of completely natural materials, non-toxic and allergy-free.

Decrease carbon footprint & preserve natural resources - As our sugarcane and corn-based products are made from recyclable materials which are obtained from annually renewable sources - we’re essentially lending a helping hand in preserving the natural resources of Mother Nature. Producing these materials is friendly to the planet as they reduce solid waste, water usage, electricity and emissions. It’s a responsible course of action towards future generations.

Our corn starch-based and sugarcane bagasse-based packaging are both made from renewable resources, derived from corn and sugar cane, respectively.

Easy disposal - Turn the waste packaging into compost easily or discard it into the recycling bin for re-use - provided that there isn’t any liquid or food residue found on or within the packaging

Sugarcane bagasse completely degrades in the soil after 180 days and composts in 45-60 days within a composting facility. While cornware is easily compostable in industrial composting facilities and reconstituted into an agriculture fertiliser.

Sustainability is key, and it is especially so for businesses. From improving brand image and reputation to attracting more customers - eco-friendly food packaging can do whole a lot for our business.

Green advocates are interested in purchasing from mindful organisations that are holding the same environmental values and taking active steps towards positive change. With biodegradable food packaging and containers, you can easily enhance the relationship with your buyers and community.

Still, besides business-use - you’ll find that our high-quality and eco-friendly products are suitable for many purposes. As long as you’re looking for ecological food packaging in Singapore, you can count on Supply Smiths to meet your needs!