Cold Cups

Looking for a pile of disposable plastic cups for an upcoming corporate event or catering purposes to satisfy a huge number of guests? Supply Smiths is ready to help you meet your needs as we’re a wholesale supplier in Singapore with packs of disposable plastic cups heading your way.

Our designs mainly include the basic circular-base clear cold cup and u-shaped clear cold cup, while our lids available range from flat lids to dome lids. All of our products are equally ideal for your event, catering, or business needs - depending on which design you deem is more suitable for your invitees.

Meanwhile, you can also purchase our plastic cups in a set, together with a lid - perfect for beverage delivery businesses, corporate parties or events, everyday use in the workplace, and so forth. There are also other benefits one can enjoy when using disposable plastic cups.

Versatility in usage - Use our disposable plastic cups for a myriad of uses - whether for desserts or cold drinks. No matter the occasion, your clients, employees, or guests will find a perfect use for them.

Skip the hassle of cleaning - Save washing and dying work and no longer spend hours and hours cleaning up after an event.

Practical & safe - Unlike porcelain cups or glasses, plastic cups are unbreakable due to the outstanding material qualities that PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) possesses. Even with damages, no injuries will be sustained due to the splinter parts - hence, making it a great choice to ensure the safety of your invitees, employees, or customers.

Economical & extensive variety - Instead of purchasing each cup individually, buy what you need in bulk and save costs for your business or next event. From 12oz to 24oz cold cups, our broad range of plastic cups ensures you’ll be able to find the perfectly-sized cup with us.

Disposable cups have always been the go-to choice for events and businesses due to its reusable quality, elegance, and safety. However, if you discover a different use for our disposable plastic cups - then, by all means, go ahead!

Supply Smiths is a wholesale supplier of disposable plastic cups in Singapore who is prepared to help meet your packaging needs.