3 Practical Ways You Can Create A More Eco-Friendly Office

3 Practical Ways You Can Create A More Eco-Friendly Office

With more people becoming environmentally savvy and realising the benefits of having an ecologically friendly office, the demand for it has been increasing. Not only does it promote a healthy work environment, but it also increases productivity among your employees. These are the vital aspects of having an efficient and highly productive company where your employees are happy at work.

However, a common misconception is that it takes a significant renovation with massive changes to the office space in order to achieve a sustainable working space. Fortunately, this is far from the truth. There are various practical and straightforward tweaks you can make to your office space to shift it towards an eco-friendly space for your employees.

With these simple changes below you can make in your office space, your very own sustainable office is not far from reality.

1. Replace plastic cups

Completely eliminating plastic cups could be a tough decision, especially if your company is a huge organisation. However, the best part about this tip is that you could implement it slowly and over time. The ideal alternative to plastic cups when shifting to an eco-friendly office would be paper cups! 

Paper cups decompose faster than plastic cups. Especially if you are from a large organisation that consumes and disposes of plastic cups every day, the switch to paper cups will make a significant difference towards a sustainable company.

Paper cups are also lightweight and convenient, which makes it easier for your employees to adapt to. Typically, a common thought among many is that switching to a more sustainable lifestyle requires a notable change to their lives. Hence, a simple change like switching to paper cups would be easier for your employees to acclimate to

2. Opt for eco-friendly snacks

Once it's time to go grocery shopping to fill your pantry up with snacks, you should choose snacks and food that were made in a sustainable way. Contrary to popular belief, opting for sustainably produced food and snacks does not sacrifice the quality of the snacks. There is a myriad of options for sustainably produced snacks, and you could introduce them to their employees one step at a time by adding them to the pantry slowly.

At the same time, being eco-friendly doesn’t just lie in the type of snacks you buy; you can switch up your eating lifestyle by changing the type of packaging you store your food! For instance, biodegradable food packaging is excellent in the sense that it’s completely compostable and nature-friendly, making your meals extra enjoyable knowing that you’re helping the environment.

3. Use electricity efficiently

Making simple adjustments to your daily actions goes a long way in being environmentally-friendly. Firstly, you could replace your lights in the office to LED bulbs. While still giving you the effects of the typical lightbulbs, LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than the standard light bulbs.

You could also set up motion sensors that power your light. Many times, when an employee leaves a particular room, they might forget to switch the lights off as they are focused on their next task. Having motion sensors helps your company cut back on overusing the electricity and wasting it due to carelessness.


When these three tips are applied, you are guaranteed to cut back on excess expenses for your office while moving towards a more sustainable and productive office space for your employees.