3 Fundamental Tips To Achieve A Minimalistic Kitchen Look

3 Fundamental Tips To Achieve A Minimalistic Kitchen Look

With the kitchen being the room where you and your family members gather to bond over a delicious meal every day, it is vital to have an organised and minimalistic looking kitchen that accentuates positive emotions. However, with the advancement of the kitchenware industry and new kitchen gadgets introduced regularly, it can be tough to hold yourself back from stacking your kitchen up with new products. 

However, there are many different hacks to give your kitchen a clean and minimalistic look. Here are some tips you can grasp and implement to spruce up your own kitchen!

Too many dishwares

A common reason why some kitchens scream unorganised and cluttered is because of the number of plates and bowls they have. Stacking your many dishwares over one another is an eyesore, especially for guests who are over at your place.

One way around it is to replace your multiple plates, cups and bowls for sugarcane bagasse. Not only is this one of the fastest-growing biodegradable food packaging option, but it also does not take up space. A stack of 100 sugarcane bagasse bowls stacked on top of one another only takes up as much space as a few plates and bowls, and comes in handy when packing meals for family members!

Hence, switching out your plates and bowls for this environmentally-friendly option would give your kitchen a more organised and sophisticated finish.

Storage space is essential

The key to a minimalistic kitchen would be hidden storage spaces and only keeping what you need. One handy tip would be to keep bulky products you use least in the hardest to reach and out-of-sight places. This way, when you have guests over their view of your kitchen would not be of heavy appliances that give your kitchen a cluttered look. 

Alternatively, you can use products like foldable chairs that you can fold and keep in a corner when not using. If you are hosting a big party, you could easily keep those chairs away and give your guests the illusion of a spacious, minimalistic kitchen. Meanwhile, you can also get a bulk of disposable paper cups to make the cleaning process fuss-free, and help the environment as well!

You should also make full use of your drawers and shelves to keep your needed products away from common view. This ensures that your kitchen looks uncluttered and neat.

Pick a minimalistic colour 

What many do not realise is that the right colour plays a significant role in how the kitchen looks. The typical white colour can give the illusion that the kitchen is more spacious than it is and gives it a sophisticated touch. However, there are many different colours you can opt for if you find a plain white kitchen dull.

Warmer, earthy colours like green, brown or even red can give your kitchen a classy yet minimalistic look. However, it is best to avoid bright colours like yellow or neon colours that can be harsh on the eyes, ruining the overall feel of the kitchen.


A minimalistic kitchen is without a doubt one that is easily achievable with a few minor tweaks like mentioned in this list. At the end of the day, you will be the one spending most of your time in the kitchen. Hence, you must be hitting the balance between minimalistic and functional.