6 Lifesaving Cleaning Hacks After A Wild Party Is Over

6 Lifesaving Cleaning Hacks After A Wild Party Is Over

The best part of parties, family gatherings and spending time with loved ones is the fun environment, food and sharing a good time.

After all, who doesn’t love to hang around with those most precious to them?

However, while a party or gathering through the night can be full of laughter, happiness and good food - what awaits in the morning is a big mess that needs to be tended to! In fact, the worst part is the inevitable cleaning that comes once the visitors have left for their homes - prepare to witness sights like stacks of dirty dishes, glasses, and items thrown everywhere.

Still, all hope is not lost! You just need to prepare for the after party clean-up beforehand, get a couple of helping hands by your side, or just know which steps to take first whilst cleaning.

That said, here are a few handy tips to keep your space sparkling clean even after a wild party!

Empty your dishwasher beforehand

One particular issue that is prevalent after a gathering is a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and food waste

Having an empty dishwasher before guests arrive will save you the time unloading everything that has been piled up previously.

Besides, seeing a clean dishwasher would motivate you to clean the dishes, as opposed to an overflowing dishwasher that makes you feel exhausted even before starting.

Keep trash bags within reach

When your visitors don’t know where to dispose of the dirty dishes and utensils, they are less likely to help you, even if they’re willing to.

Remember to have several trash bags placed around your home. That way, guests will know where to dispose of their trash rather than have you clean everything up!

Make sure there is sufficient airflow

Nothing compares to the smell of left-over food or spilt drinks that are mixed with the odour of fruit peels and plastic bags - the foul smell that fills up the room can make it hard to even start cleaning up your home.

So, you’ve got to absolutely ensure the space is airy. And it’s as simple as drawing your curtains to ensure there’s sufficient light in the room so you create an environment where fresh air circulates. 

But, if you are in a cold place, you don’t necessarily have to open the windows as you clean but make sure they stay open long enough for the room to feel fresh. 

Use disposable equipment

If you’re not who enjoys the cleaning process, then you may want to “forgo” it completely! By that, we don’t mean that you can simply lay back, relax as the mess is still sitting around your home - but rather, you can simplify the cleaning process with disposable equipment.

One viable option is to use single-use dishes, table cloths, cups and utensils. Or better yet, get your hands on biodegradable takeaway food containers! It means after use, just throw it in the bin, and you’re good. Alternatively, it also means your guests can take home their snacks or food too.

On the other hand, you can also approach a paper cup supplier as they may offer disposable options so you don’t have to worry about cleaning! At Supply Smiths, we’re currently offering discounted prices for our paper cups - so if you’re looking to save and clean easily; we’re here to help!

Always use tablecloths

An ideal option for clearing a mess pretty quickly would be to use the tablecloth. Once the party is over, you remove the tablecloths and wipe down the tables without fretting about stains.

Just make sure that it’s completely disposable so you’re lending a helping hand to Mother Nature.

Meanwhile, if you’ve decided to use a reusable tablecloth, cleaning up is just as easy. Simply toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning and maintenance, and you’re done!

Besides, if you are using a reusable tablecloth, you can toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning and maintenance. 


Cleaning a home has different approaches, but the most crucial step is ensuring you begin with the kitchen. Once you have everything in place, light your favourite candles and restore that aesthetic feel to bring a new sense of scent to your home. 

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