Why Businesses Should Use Biodegradable Packaging For Food

Why Businesses Should Use Biodegradable Packaging For Food

Environment-friendly products are garnering massive popularity across the globe, and for good reason - from the preservation of the environment to the numerous health benefits obtained, there’s no surprise to why consumers are making the switch.

Hence, with such a fast-spreading lifestyle - eco-friendliness has brought a new sense of responsibility to businesses to accommodate consumers’ interest in eco-friendly products. Quick takeaway restaurants, fast food chains and organic grocery stores are beginning to appreciate the benefits these products have to both the customers as well as the environment.

So, let’s take a look at what they are exactly!

It reduces your carbon signature

Carbon, being a crucial component in the ecosystem, contributes to global warming and other adverse environmental changes. 

Eco-friendly packaging is ideal since it is composed of elements that can be encapsulated in the ecosystem and reused back in the environment.

With biodegradable food packaging, the containers will reduce the carbon footprint significantly and lead to a more stable ecosystem.

Fuel efficiency

Biodegradable food packaging containers use 65% less energy than that needed to manufacture non-biodegradable plastics. 

Besides, biodegradable products are made from renewable energy sources like sugar cane, starch and corn, which makes them a top choice for a company that is conscious of fuel efficiency optimisation. 

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Less pollution

Biodegradable food packaging containers are estimated to produce 67% fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum-based packaging containers - making it a splendid choice compared to conventional packaging! 

The products can easily break back down into eco-friendly components, so they don’t lead to dangerous chemical emissions that poison the water or pollute the air. 

Harmless to health

Two common components of plastic, hydrocarbon and Bisphenol, are elements that are the root cause of different types of cancer.

Biodegradable components, on the other hand, are crafted from natural elements that have no toxic chemicals.  Apart from being safe for food packaging, these biodegradable materials pose less risk to adults and children.

In other words, food delivery businesses or any other F&B enterprise, in particular, may consider getting biodegradable takeaway food containers to pack their meals. It’s extremely safe for both the elderly and children, and even helps in environment conservation!

Company’s reputation

Eco-friendly food packaging has been a significant issue for most organisations. Due to the increasing number of individuals who realise the harmful effects of non-biodegradable packaging containers, consumers, companies, and governments in Singapore are turning to biodegradable takeaway food containers.

If you’re running an eatery, for instance, using biodegradable tableware leads to being known as a sustainable, eco-friendly organisation and can put your business to the top. As a result, you’ll build a positive relationship with your consumers and the community as a whole.

Attract customers

When consumers realise that you’re using biodegradable containers for food packaging, they will realise that you’re mindful of the ecosystem and the planet as a whole.

Several consumers are already practising a green mode of life, and by using biodegradable containers, you will be building your reputation that, without a doubt, pays handsomely.


Biodegradable food packaging containers come in different variants and are available in different sizes. Besides being cost-effective and environment-friendly, they are temperature-resistant, sturdy and safe to use in different working environments. With that being said, it’s time you switch up your packaging to reel in more customers and contribute to the environment!