What To Consider When Throwing An Awesome Baby Shower

What To Consider When Throwing An Awesome Baby Shower

Baby showers are indeed getting more and more popular every day. You've probably been invited to one, but what about lending a hand in throwing an awesome baby shower party? Well, if you’re looking to throw one for a colleague or a friend, then here are a few points that you should remember!

Consider if it is a surprise

As a planner, it is always best to ask ahead to see if the mother would like to be in on the planning, and if she would like any surprises. If she doesn't like surprises, then you can always make her a part of your decision-making process. After all, you should want her to feel safe and comfortable at her baby shower.

Raising a budget

When it comes to hosting any party, you should look to have a budget in mind. This is important, as it ensures that the baby shower is a successful party for everyone. If you have extended invites to friends and other colleagues, they can also help to chip in money for gifts, catering and more. Should the mother be included in the planning, she might want to put in some funds herself too.

Selecting the venue

Where you hold your party is significant. A baby shower usually has some fun and game, with a lot of laughter sprinkled everywhere. One such reason is to book perhaps a chalet where noise won't be too much of a factor. You can have it inside, or even barbecue outside too. Having options can be useful, especially when considering the budget and the accessibility of your guests involved.

The decoration is crucial, especially when you are looking to spruce up the area and make it as beautiful as possible. Of course, be sure to consult the mother on her opinions when picking a venue. Don't make the venue a challenge for her to reach, such as having a flight of stairs.

Choose an appropriate time and guest list

What is an appropriate time for the party to start? It should be a convenient time for both the expectant mother and the guests who have been invited. Having a list of people who are attending can make it easy for you to plan as well.

Have a food menu

A party without food is merely just a gathering. Depending on your allotted budget and the number of guests you have invited, you should prepare a menu. If you don’t wish to spend too much, you can opt for snacks to be placed into PET containers. Known as Polyethylene Terephthalate in full, this type of plastic is recyclable, resistant to heat, and has a good barrier against moisture and gas. As for beverages - soft drinks are always a great option, and you should look to serve the well-presented meals on a buffet table for everyone.

Most importantly, you can also consider having planners brainstorm for the mother’s favourite food recipes and make them. Putting them in take out lunch boxes and bringing them over to the party can aid in saving costs too.

For party favours, they can be put into pineapple tart containers.

Have an agenda for the party

Don’t make the baby shower boring for everyone involved! You can look towards entertaining songs, games, events and even movies to watch. You should also look towards planning the events around the bride and guests too.

If you wish, you can have different dress codes for the guests and the mother-to-be. This will make her stand out from everyone at the party.