5 Factors To Consider When Planning A Surprise Party

5 Factors To Consider When Planning A Surprise Party

“Surprise!” These words have been said in dozens of surprise parties. While surprise parties can work, such as birthdays, baby showers and more, it may not always achieve a happy result. Despite this, don’t let it kill your spirit as planning a party is not always easy!

For you to organise a successful one, here are some essential factors you should consider.


The most significant reason to have a surprise party is to make the targeted person happy. While you may go through a lot to throw an awesome surprise party, the person might not end up being thrilled at all.

Some people don't like surprises due to their health conditions, while others such as introverts don't want to be the centre of attention. Finding people who appreciate surprises would ensure that it doesn't blow up in your face.


The perfect party requires people to be in it. Even though this is true, you would need to know the person very well. You can invite people who are not on good terms with them, hence creating an uncomfortable situation.

While the person might not be on bad terms with anyone, they most likely would not want to share their private lies with people such as her colleagues. As such, a proper guest list is a factor you should consider.


Money is a crucial issue when planning any party. The food, drinks, and décor can cost quite a lot. There may be other people who are willing to chip in and make it a success, but you also have to ensure that it is enough. If you don’t have enough money, you shouldn’t let yourself go through the stress of having a lousy surprise party.

You can have small plastic containers for people to use when they are carrying home some treats. Celebrating a party differently can still mean the world to them as long as you show that they are loved.

Keeping surprises

A surprise party can be ruined by people who are not able to keep a secret. As such, you should look to have as many people who you can trust to keep the surprise a secret.

Even if they are not on the planning committee, they might accidentally spill party details when invited. As it would be terrible to ruin a surprise, it is the thought that makes surprises awesome.


Knowing the person well is pivotal to throwing the best surprise party. It would be a shame to order a vanilla cake when you know that the other person might hate it. You can also seek to place food in disposable boxes for food that they might be allergic to.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that the individual you are throwing a surprise party for will show up where you have set it. Can you imagine getting everything right only for them not to show up?

All in all, should you want to surprise a loved one with a party, then you should consider the above factors. If it goes well, everyone will have a blast!