Ways You Can Turn A Corporate Event From Dull To Fun

Ways You Can Turn A Corporate Event From Dull To Fun

Do your employees let out a yawn whenever they hear of an upcoming corporate event? This should tell you that your company’s events are not giving them enough to look forward to.

Company events that range from gala dinners, parties or gatherings are supposed to be a fun time for employees to kick back and relax. Reward your employees for their hard work on other days by putting in the effort to make the company event a fruitful one.

Here are some tips you can use to spice up your next company event:

Hire entertainers

A surefire way to get the attention of your attendees is by having professional entertainers at your event. Entertainers like singers, dancers, comedians, or magicians are trained to command attention and liven up any social event. They are useful for setting the mood and signalling to your employees that it’s time to relax and have some fun.

Keep formalities short 

Sometimes it is necessary to have a speaker or two to address the event with a speech. It is understandable, as these speeches are where the purpose of the event is conveyed. These could be important messages like appreciations, announcements, or a commemoration. However, no one goes to an event to listen to lengthy speeches that they will forget after tonight! Speakers should be advised to stick to their allocated timeframe so that the event can run according to schedule. Wherever possible, you should also try to select more engaging speakers to make the speeches. A short and engaging speech is many times more memorable than a long and un-impactful one.

Use stories and drama

Everybody loves a good story. Good stories are not only engaging, but also useful in bringing across the message behind your event. You can make use of a storyline to thread together the segments of the event, or rope in staff members to act out certain scenes. Utilising stories and drama gives coherence to your event, while also making it more interactive.

Have a theme

Give your employees a chance to showcase their creativity and personality by having a themed event. Attendees will be expected to dress up in line with the theme, and the venue should be decorated for the theme as well. A theme has the ability to transport people to another world, giving them a sense of freshness and adventure. If you want to go one step further, the food can also align with the theme, allowing your staff to try different types of culinary creations.

Have an outdoor event

Up for an adventure? Take your corporate event outdoors! A great choice for informal gatherings, outdoor events are a literal breath of fresh air. Being near to nature is a sure mood enhancer, and a welcome contrast from facing computer screens at work. For the ultimate experience, complete your gathering with picnic-style dining. Pack picnic-friendly dishes like skewers, sandwiches, sushi, and potato salad in plastic containers from one of the many disposable lunch boxes suppliers in Singapore. The best thing? Picnic foods and food packaging supplies definitely won’t break your budget.

With these ideas, it’s time to do your employees a favour and try out some of these for your next company event. This time, they will definitely look forward to it!