How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party A Blast

How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party A Blast

Mention birthdays, and most children are usually excited at the thought of the party, food, and fun. When it comes to their own birthdays, some kids may even have weighty expectations of their parents to execute the best party imaginable to them. However, it is not an easy feat to organise a party, as many parents would know.

To celebrate your child's special day, here are some tips you can implement for their next birthday party:

Invite your kid's friends

Kids love to share their big day with their neighbours and friends. Get a list of everyone your child would like to invite, including friends and family. Making the invitation cards with your child can be a fulfilling bonding activity, or you may also buy ready-made ones to send out to the invitees.

Have fun games and activities

To engage the kids, games and activities are a must. If your budget permits, hiring a bouncing castle, trampoline or slides will ensure the children plenty of active fun.

Alternatively, a handmade piñata is a more budget-friendly and easy way to hype up the atmosphere. Children can take turns to hit the piñata while blindfolded and are rewarded with the outpouring of candy when successfully breaking the piñata.

For the more creative parents, there are a variety of other games that can be set up to involve the kids and give them a memorable time at the party.

Set aside space for the adults

Parents of guests usually send their kids to the party and, especially for younger children, parents often end up staying as well. It is advisable to set up an 'Adults Zone' for the parents to gather and converse. This avoids the awkward situation of parents feeling out of place, and will allow the kids to run and mingle freely without fear of bumping into the grownups.

Play music that all ages can enjoy

What is a party without music? The right playlist is one that that will make the adults and kids jive together. You or your appointed DJ can look for family-friendly songs to promote a fun bonding time through dancing together.

Have enough food

Food is a must-have item at any party. Take note of your child's favourite foods and include them in the menu. Provide food that is easy for children to eat, such as finger foods like fish fingers, mini burgers, popcorns, hot dogs or fries.

And when its dessert time – it’s time to bring in the sweet and yummy treats! Cupcakes, cookies and any other tasty dessert in mind will surely keep the kids’ tummies happy.  Now, to whip up all these treats or order them in? The decision is all up to you. If you’re planning to order - better start calling up your cupcakes and cookies container supplier to store all these goodies! At the same time, don’t forget about your indispensable take away box too! They are sure to come in handy when storing leftover food or for giving out extra snacks as door-gifts.

Get baby sitters

Children need to be watched closely at all times so that they can have fun in a safe manner. Appointing one or two baby sitters to watch the kids and facilitate the games is a good idea. This will give the parents space to relax and mingle with one another.

Keep the party short

Children have rather short attention spans and may become difficult to handle when they are bored or tired. Plan for just enough activities and do not let the party run too long. Don't forget to let the parents of your guests know beforehand of the expected duration of the party.

The shorter it is, the more time there is left for clean up. And what is to be blamed when it comes to huge messes during parties? Food. So, start calling one of the disposable lunch boxes suppliers in Singapore for an extra helping hand! Cleaning up is always easier when there is no need to wash and dry all those dishes.

Have a themed birthday party

To spice up any party, having a theme is a great way to do so. You can have all the guests dress up according to the theme of your child's choice, and this should be indicated to your guests in the invitation card. Decorations should also align with the theme to truly transport your child and guests to the place of their dreams.

While planning the perfect party may be a feat, these tips should hopefully make it less daunting. Regardless of the party, it is most important that your child enjoys their special day and you show your love to them.