Ways To Motivate Your Staff To Better Productivity

Ways To Motivate Your Staff To Better Productivity

No boss wants to deal with sluggish employees who drag their feet and are unproductive at work. However, bosses also need to have reasonable expectations from their workers. Sometimes, workers may seem unproductive because the amount of work to be done is more than they can handle. Other times, workers may be feeling low on morale due to certain setbacks or personal issues.

Apart from investigating and trying to address the root cause of the issue, the company should also do their part to keep staff motivated. This way, employees will be driven to work hard and be more productive.

Here are some ways you can motivate your employees:

Paying them salaries that they are worth

Companies pay employees to work, but employees also want to work for a pay that they are worth. For professional workers, most have invested a lot into their education just to get to where they are. If the job is not paying off their bills, you can be sure they will be finding somewhere better in time to come. To retain your staff, giving a reasonable pay is one of the first things a company can do. At the least, it should be a pay that is comparable to similar jobs at your competitors, and commensurate with your employee's skill level.

Make the work environment appealing

The work environment has an impact on how employees feel when they are in the office. A messy, badly lit, or squeezy office will detrimentally affect the mood of the staff. Ensure that the physical state of the office is up kept and regularly cleaned, and that facilities are in working order. For example, don’t leave broken appliances lying around, and maintain a neat arrangement for the food packaging supplies stocked in the pantry. Having a good work environment makes employees feel happier coming to work, and they can better focus on their work rather than on the unsightly mess plaguing the office.

Manage the employer-employee relationship

While employers may be the boss, employees need to be respected as individuals and part of the company as well. Problematic or abusive employer-employee relationships are the number one reason for people changing jobs. Thus, employers need to set a healthy and nurturing environment in the office. This means not micromanaging the staff, but rather, trusting them and giving them a voice. Proper communication is key to a long and happy working relationship.

Provide opportunities for them

Promotions are good motivation for employees who are seeking to climb the corporate ladder. Employees feel affirmed about their work when they receive the chance to progress in the company. Having promotion opportunities can thus be a way to motivate employees to work harder and smarter.

Surprise your employees

What better way is there to brighten up your workers’ mundane workday than with a surprise lunch treat? Walking into the pantry to see delicious food packed in disposable lunch boxes is one thing workers like to experience once in a while. Food is always a good talking point, and it can bring the office to relieve stress as they eat together.

Designate a team-bonding day

It can be tough staying in the office 9 to 5 every day. To lighten up the mood of your staff, you can designate a team-bonding day once in a while where the company’s staff can go out and have some fun. One idea that is simple to execute is to bring your employees out for a picnic. All you have to do is prepare the food and know where to get plastic containers in Singapore to pack up all the yummy bites.

 These are some practical ways to spur the workers in your company to work hard consistently. Treat your staff well, and they will give you the returns in the form of their diligence and productivity for your company.