How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you even start to clean and organize your kitchen cabinets, you must declutter every one of them. This way, you will know how much more storage boxes you need.

Make sure at this point, to remove the things you don’t use at all from your kitchen. Afterwards, check carefully and identify what else you might need. Will you need to get a pet round container or a bunch of small plastic containers with lids soon?

Either way, fret not. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to make the cleaning and organizing process much smoother.

Step 1: Place items according to their usage

Placing items according to how much you use them is important.

Let’s say you are cooking and you need spices, but unfortunately, they have been placed right at the very back of the cabinet. The perfect place would either be right next to the stove - provided that have a spices rack all set up on the wall. Otherwise, put them in a cabinet or drawer nearest to the stove.

Step 2: Keep Dishes, utensils and cookware separate

An average sized kitchen has at least 7 to 8 cabinets so reserve each cabinet for a particular, or have an organizer placed inside a drawer to keep things neat.

While you are sorting out whatever that you have, make sure to keep certain things separate from each other. For example; the right section for edible things and the left cabinets for cookware, utensils and etc.

Step 3: How to store items in kitchen cabinets

Upper cabinets

The upper cabinets are ideal for food items, dishes, and food storage containers. If you have a pantry, try to store as much food items there as you can. If not, then section the upper cabinets into 3 parts and place food items in one section.

Meanwhile, store small disposable containers and plastic cookie containers right over the counter so that when storing leftovers, you can easily track them. So, go on and grab up your favourite bites and pack them into the containers when you can’t finish them in an instant!

Bottom shelves

Here’s where you store all your appliances so that preparing food is not a hassle at all.

Place each appliance according to how much you use them, with the most used at the front and the least used at the back end of the cabinet. Also, be sure to store your pots and pans here - and store the lids vertically to make more space and place the pots and pans on top of each other.

The mixing bowls and cutting boards should be placed in the cabinet closer to the dishwasher because you need to wash them every now and then.

Cabinets below the sink

All that’s left at this point is cleaning supplies. And keep in mind that you shouldn’t have any cookware or edible items together with these supplies.

Make sure to use a lock on the cabinet if you have small children at home. You can use a shelf inside to maximize the space so that you can easily accommodate every cleaning item on easy view.

Organizing your kitchen is important and this procedure must be done every month or so. Once organized, it is also equally important to maintain the cabinets. Make sure your kitchen is neat because a neat kitchen adds on to a beautiful home.