Wallet-Friendly Tips For Planning The Ultimate Kid's Party

Wallet-Friendly Tips For Planning The Ultimate Kid's Party

Young children love birthday parties – especially so if it’s for their birthday. While every parent would wish to provide a special celebration for their child on their birthdays, throwing an elaborate party every year can prove to be a substantial burden on the wallet.

As a parent, you might be thinking of how to hold an enjoyable party without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for a budget-friendly kid’s birthday party:

Save on the venue

Instead of renting a huge space like a party room, consider holding the party at home. If your home is large enough to accommodate all your guests, this is the best choice as it will not require any cost to book the venue. However, if your home is not suitable for hosting a party, you can consider asking your close relatives or neighbours if they are willing to open their home for a day. Alternatively, you can source for affordable function rooms such as one at a friend’s condominium. With just a small budget, you can get simple decorations like balloons and streamers and set up the décor of the venue yourself.

Save on entertainment

While a kid’s party cannot do without events to entertain them, these do not need to be an expensive affair. Forget the magicians and clowns – instead, you can organise a few games for the children to enjoy. If this is not your expertise, you can employ the help of a relative or friend to help with this. Some games do not require a lot of materials and are equally exciting to play. For example, you can have a water balloon fight – all you need is a packet of balloons and a ready supply of water. Another simple game, which is a favourite with children, is musical chairs. For this, you just need chairs or stools and a music player – items you probably already own at home. With just a bit of creativity, you can save a lot on entertainment, but still ensure a party filled with laughter and excitement.

Save on food

Food is a must at any party, but it does not mean you need to call for expensive catering for a buffet spread. Kids are not usually big eaters, and they might not even appreciate food that is costly. Instead, you can skip on the catering and cook some simple dishes yourself. For example, you can go for fried rice with some finger food as sides. Spaghetti bolognese with meatballs is also quite simple to make.

At a kid’s party, it is best to avoid pulling out your expensive crockery to serve the food, as kids can get rowdy and accidents can happen. Instead, check out food packaging supplies at a plastic container supplier before the party. Chances are, you will be able to get some containers or paper lunch boxes wholesale at very attractive prices.

To further save on food spending, you should hold the birthday party in the afternoon between 2-5 pm. This is a time in between meals where kids would have likely had their lunch, and are not hungry enough for dinner. Thus, the amount of food you need to prepare will be less.

Saving money on a kid’s party does not mean compromising on the quality and excitement of the party. By making wise choices of what to spend less on, anyone can throw a memorable kid’s party on a budget. Try these tips to save on the next birthday party!