To-Go Boxes: How It Helps With Your Brand Marketing Efforts

To-Go Boxes: How It Helps With Your Brand Marketing Efforts

Disposable paper lunch boxes or take out food boxes are expenses that most (if not all) food establishments and restaurants wish they could do away with, despite it being essential to their daily operation since not all of their customers can dine inside their establishment or are dependent towards food delivery services.

They definitely couldn’t send out their kitchenware for taking out orders, that’s why they have disposable food boxes as part of their expenses. But most food business owners tend to overlook the different ways they can use this “expense” to their advantage, one of which is the opportunity to incorporate take out food boxes into their marketing strategy. So, if you’re wondering how you can turn this additional expense into an investment, read on.

1. Make sure the designs of your takeout boxes are eye-catching

Most people have a tendency to take pictures of what they are eating, and if they are aesthetically pleased with the way their food is presented, they most likely will post these images to their Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or other social media platforms.

As a food business owner, you can definitely take advantage of this opportunity by making sure that your packaging design is distinct and eye-catching so that you will have a higher chance of getting the social-savvy people to post your food and its packaging online. This will not only boost your brand exposure, but also the public interest as well.

2. Feature your customers’ social media posts about your food online

Once your customers have posted pictures of your food and its packaging to their social media, a common marketing strategy is to feature it on your social media account and website. Some customers don’t mind you posting them right away while others do, that’s why it’s good practice to reach out to them and ask if you can feature their post, provided that you will give credit where credit is due.

This strategy will help raise brand awareness and recognition in social media users, and depending on how you feature these posts, you might even earn a positive impression to the masses. If their impression of your brand is good, the chances of them becoming loyal customers are high.

3. Make the most out of social media marketing

Most people nowadays are active on various social media platforms and the thing about marketing strategies through the use of social media is that it is not as costly as traditional marketing, like magazines, newspapers, billboards, to name a few. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make use of social media to market your brand by posting catchy posters online featuring your food and its respective packaging.

Posters help not only to deliver your message but also to earn your business a spot in the memory of those who happen to stumble upon it. The advantage to this strategy comes into play when they see your food and its packaging in real life – the chances of them making a purchase are higher since they can recall the poster that you have produced.


Food take out boxes are indeed additional expenses that is essential to helping you run your food business smoothly, but this is an expense that can easily be converted into an investment if you know how to use it to your advantage.