3 Key Tips To Ensure Your Food Delivery Packaging Is Durable

3 Key Tips To Ensure Your Food Delivery Packaging Is Durable

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the driving factors behind the surge of the food delivery industry. This is mainly because more people were cooped up at home -whether it is for their stay-home notice or Work-From-Home (WFH) initiative. The convenience of having whatever they are craving for without having to step foot outside their house is an attractive benefit. If you are the owner of a food business in Singapore, then you would have noticed the significant increase of takeaway orders.

As such, more local food businesses alter their processes to cater to the growing number of online deliveries – particularly when it comes to food packaging. It’s constantly innovating to keep pace with the surge in sales and preserve quality, as well as ensure customer satisfaction and drive profit for their business.

So, if you are looking to give your customers a positive experience when ordering from your store, here are three tips you must take into consideration for your food packaging!

Pick the right material

As simple as it sounds, this tip is highly critical. If you do not do your due diligence and choose to use a food packaging container of the wrong material, you might start getting complaints from your customers. Having the wrong material for your food packaging containers can lead to it breaking apart and leaving your customers with an unappealing and messy meal. 

Some drinks could also soak through the flimsy packaging and leave your customers with a soggy mess to clean up. When looking for the right packaging material, you should aim for it to contain your food well and in a presentable manner as if they are dining in your food outlet. One reliable and commonly used example would be kraft takeaway boxes which are able to hold both dry foods like fried rice and even creamy spaghetti dishes. On the other hand, if you would like to improve the customer experience further, pet round containers and plastic cups are perfect for dishes like soups. 

Choose packaging of the correct size

Apart from choosing the right materials, it is just as crucial for your food delivery packaging to be of the correct size. This is one mistake that food business owners regularly make because they do not consider that the food was being delivered to their customer through a bicycle or motorcycle. Therefore, the customer's order is likely to be moved around during the trip. In the case that your customer orders a chicken burger, and you pack it in a container that is too big - your burger would fall out of place and reach them in a mess.

You would want to avoid this as a happy delivery customer would more likely be a recurring customer because of the convenience of food deliveries. They might even refer your business to their friends and family. As such, when you offer them a positive experience, you’re promoting your brand and gaining profit for your business.

Be extra precautious

As your dishes' presentation gives your customers their first impression of your brand’s food, why not go the extra mile in ensuring that their delivery order reaches them in one piece and exactly how your team prepared it?

One recommendation would be to invest in cling wraps to serve as an added protection for your food. Not only does this significantly reduce the chances of your food spilling and getting messed up, but it also gives you peace of mind once you send an order out.


When it comes to food delivery packaging – many factors from design, material to quality of packaging have a significant role in demonstrating your brand values to customers. Hence, comes the importance of implementing the right steps.

With these tips, you can better ensure that your food business is equipped to serve your customers to the best of your ability, whether dining in or buying out.