Tips On Giving Treats To Your Employees On A Budget

Tips On Giving Treats To Your Employees On A Budget

You can be a great entrepreneur, but you definitely require staff members to assist you in running your business. Every good employer should appreciate his or her employees, as they put in hard work each day to bring your company success. If you genuinely wish to give your employees some treats but are afraid of the huge cost you have to fork out, here are some ways you can show your appreciation to them while on a budget.

1. Give them an extra day off

As an employer, you should be well-aware of the hard work and effort your employees have put in for your company. If they have been working tirelessly, you should really consider giving them a day off as a reward for their diligent effort, to allow them to unwind and relax.

Allowing them to take a day off can make them more productive and willing to strive for your company, as you have cared and considered their well-being.

2. Be grateful

There is a wide variety of ways to show your gratitude to your staff team. One of the numerous ways includes thanking them individually for their hard work and effort. This greatly reflects your appreciation for your employees. Thanking them personally from the bottom of your heart requires little to no effort, and your actions will significantly touch them. You can also write down thank you messages about what you appreciate of them.

3. Organise a buffet

Most offices have a pantry area where workers can make a snack, refrigerate the food that they bought and warm them up whenever they want to eat them.

Eating can help relieve some stress from your employees and allow them to take a short break to unwind after hours of working. One suggestion is to organise a buffet. You can order small treats such as doughnuts, cakes, cookies, fruits and many others, for your employees. This sincere act reflects your appreciation for them. As the saying goes, ‘a hungry man is an angry man’, after feeding your employees well, they will be in a good mood, and this also impacts positively on their productivity. Some of the equipment you may utilise include pineapple tart containers and take-out lunch boxes.

4. Organise team bonding activities

Organising team bonding activities can be a great way to allow your employees to unwind. At the same time, employees get to socialise and bond with one another. This helps to achieve two aims at once.

Some examples of team bonding activities that you can organise include having a company picnic, a soccer match, scavenger hunt, and many other fun activities. 

The different ways mentioned above will not cost you a considerable amount of money, and it will reflect the sincere appreciation you have towards your employees.