The Role of Flexible Food Packaging In Your Business's Growth

The Role of Flexible Food Packaging In Your Business's Growth

Embracing trends is part and parcel of growing a business, and flexible packaging is one such trend that is gaining traction across many industries, including the F&B sector. Businesses that deal in tangible products must continually evaluate their choice of product packaging and see if it still works for the benefit of the brand and not against it. Otherwise, sticking to the same and outdated design could lead to a significant drop in the efficiency of your expanding business due to the higher costs in storage, shipping, and so on.

As its name implies, flexible packaging is best for goods that can be bent or folded, but it can also serve many other purposes beyond that. Products that best pair with flexible packaging include the usual necessities such as flour, salt, and sugar but also finished goods like cookies, chips, and much more. Below, we look at some of the challenges growing businesses face and how flexible packaging resolves them.

Reduce shipping costs

A growing business means handling more orders and thus requires developing cost-effective techniques to keep up with the demand. Packing as many items as possible at once is critical to effectively load products and maximise every shipment or delivery.

For instance, although kraft food containers work great and are lightweight, microwavable plastic zip pouches offer better space efficiency. The better the packaging of your goods, the fewer the shipments will be, which equates to lower shipping costs.

Maintains product weight 

Product weight is another factor that affects costs. Transporting or delivering food products often carries a heavier bill, and if your goods are lightweight yet the shipping costs are growing faster than you can handle, your food packaging's weight may be causing the issue.

As your business grows, you are likely to notice your shipping costs continually increase if you stick to stiff and heavy packaging solutions. To prevent this, consider switching to flexible and lightweight packaging such as transparent pouches and bulk bags where possible and make your overall product weight lighter. 

Scalable packaging for your products

As your business grows, you will inevitably need to expand your product line to keep customers interested. This may also include adding extra sizing options for your current products if there is enough demand for them. Finding a type of packaging that scales with your needs while maintaining consistent branding and a cohesive aesthetic can be quite challenging.

Creating a variety of container sizes is made simple with flexible packaging, which comes in many forms ranging from tiny ziplock containers to large bulk bags, making it easier for your product line to expand with your business. This includes customising the size and material to balance the needs of your products and customers, whether you need clear pouches for visibility or something more robust for better protection. 


Flexible packaging adds marketability and value to food and non-food products by taking the best aspects of paper, plastic, film, and aluminium foil and combining them to deliver a good packaging solution that uses considerably less material yet provides a wide range of protective properties. 

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