5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Standing Zipper Pouches For Food

5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Standing Zipper Pouches For Food

Standing zipper pouches have been creating a buzz in the food packaging industry lately. If you are a frequent visitor of coffee shops or a fan of chips and crackers, then you have probably already seen zipper pouches packaging your favourite dry goods and food products. These standing zipper pouches are undoubtedly taking over food packaging by storm.

This is not so surprising considering that standing zipper pouches are quite beneficial. Indeed, this packaging option provides multiple benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. If you are curious about why standing zipper pouches have become so popular over the recent years, this article is right for you! Here are 5 of the most amazing benefits of using standing zipper pouches to package food products.

1. Keep food products fresh for longer period

Standing pouches typically come with a resealable zip lock or zipper. This allows the dry goods or food products to have up to three layers of protection that keep them away from UV light, oxygen, moisture, and external odours. As a result, your products will then stay fresh for a longer period of time and provide your customers with the freedom to consume at their own pace.

2. Lightweight and flexible

If you are selling dry goods or food products that are on the go, standing zipper pouches are the best food packaging option you have. Indeed, allowing your customers to enjoy your products on the go is among the most amazing benefits of standing zipper pouches for food packaging. These are all thanks to the light weight and flexibility of standing pouches.

Since standing zipper pouches are usually made from paper or plastic food packaging, they are significantly lighter compared to their cardboard and glass counterparts. This enables them to be flexible and easy to carry wherever you may go. Whether your customers are traveling to work, going on a holiday trip, or just lounging about at home, they will surely enjoy your products with much convenience.

3. Help reduce costs

Using standing zipper pouches and other flexible packaging in general is a no-brainer if you are looking to minimise the costs of your food packaging materials. Generally, rigid packaging are 3 to 6 times more expensive per unit as compared to flexible packaging like standing pouches. Hence, by switching to standing zipper pouches, you can achieve a much-enhanced profit margins for your business.

4. Ideal for a variety of products

Whether you produce and sell coffee, baking goods, confectionary, or snacks does not matter. Standing zipper pouches are flexible enough to package and store a wide array of products from a variety of industries. Hence, even if you are currently using cardboard or glass materials for packaging, there is a good chance that you can make the switch to standing pouches quite easily.

Of course, this will somehow depend on the type of products you sell. Nonetheless, when you do make the switch, you will definitely be surprised at how affordable, economical, and user-friendly standing zipper pouches are. Moreover, the best thing about taking standing pouches into consideration is that it will not cost you much to conduct a trial test run.

5. Promote sustainability

Standing zipper pouches are generally good for the environment. This is because, as a type of flexible packaging, standing pouches uses fewer materials and requires less water and energy to make. As a result, fewer volatile organic compounds are also generated. Moreover, standing pouches are also usually biodegradable or recyclable without compromising on quality and safety.


There is no doubt that standing zipper pouches come with a lot of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. Aside from being flexible, versatile, and sustainable, standing pouches can help you extend the shelf life of your food products and reduce your food packaging costs. However, to enjoy the full benefits that standing zipper pouches have to offer, you need to partner with a packaging supplier that addresses the needs of your products and overall brand.

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