Picnic Essentials To Remember When Planning A Picnic Party

Picnic Essentials To Remember When Planning A Picnic Party

Picnics are a great bonding activity where families, friends or co-workers can get together to enjoy a meal in the midst of nature. Typically situated at nature spots like a park or seaside, picnics are an affordable and family-friendly activity that everyone can experience together. The most important thing at a picnic is the food, of course, but an excellent picnic will need to have more preparation involved. Find out what you need to hold a successful picnic party: 


Apart from food, drinks are a must at any picnic. For a DIY approach, you can mix cold sodas and cordial for a unique twist to your beverage. A pitcher of lemon-infused water is also a good idea. Depending on your crowd, you might want to bring along hot or warm water in flasks to accommodate those who prefer a warm drink after their meal.

Picnic mat

A picnic cannot do without a picnic mat, unless you want your guests to sit directly on the sand or soil. Bring a large enough picnic mat to fit all your guests and more – you still need room to place all the food and drinks! People also need personal space to move around and stretch. For a larger group, you may need a few large mats to fit everyone. 

Baby wipe and sanitizers 

As picnics tend to be held in natural landscapes, it might be a distance away from sanitary facilities like toilets or a tap. Thus, it is advisable to be equipped with wet wipes and hand sanitisers. This allows you and your fellow picnic-goers to clean your hands before eating, reducing the chances of nasty contaminants giving you upset tummies later on.

Insect repellant

Popular picnic spots unfortunately also tend to be popular spots for bugs like sandflies and mosquitoes. That’s because they are situated in nature, and the presence of food and people inevitably attracts them even more. To protect yourselves from suffering itchy or painful insect bites, using a good insect repellant is highly recommended. You might want to bring along a fly-swatter or small fan to chase away the flies from your food as well.

Food packaging

Don’t wait until the day before your picnic before you realise you don’t have enough containers to fit all your food. Look for a plastic container supplier in Singapore to obtain all your food packaging supplies early on. If you are preparing individually-packed food, you can use disposable lunch boxes. Most food packaging supplies in Singapore are very affordable and available in bulk, so don’t be afraid to stock up and be ever-ready for your next picnic outing.


To minimise the amount of preparation at the picnic site, it is best to portion out food beforehand. For example, cut up food into bite-sized pieces and individual portions so that picnic-goers can eat with their hands. However, if you want the all-out picnic experience, you would need other tools like knifes and cutting boards to cut up your food and fruits on the spot. You will also need cutlery like forks and spoons, as well as cups for serving the beverages. Other items you may need to bring include kitchen towels and bottle-openers.

Garbage bag

Any activity performed in a nature site should take care not to taint the environment around. Thus, it is crucial to keep the area litter-free during and after your picnic. To do this, prepare one or more garbage bags where all your trash generated during the picnic should go. Before leaving the site, remind all your guests to clean up after themselves and leave the venue cleaner than when you arrived. 

Picnics are excellent bonding activities for people to gather and share laughs over food. Use these tips for a fuss-free and pleasant picnic experience every time!