Impromptu Party Checklist: What To Buy In A Limited Time

Impromptu Party Checklist: What To Buy In A Limited Time

Parties are usually planned and organised at least a week before the celebration. However, sometimes, there are spontaneous moments in life that deserve to be celebrated even with just a casual drink or two with your friends. If you just survived a dreadful week of exams or pulled off a work presentation you have been anxious about for days, you deserve to have a little, fun-filled soiree!

Throwing an impromptu party is not actually as hard as it seems. If you just know the right items to buy, the most exciting activities to do, and the best people to invite, you can surely have a great spontaneous party even at a moment’s notice. To help you out, here are 5 must-haves that should not go missing in your impromptu party.

1. Tasty takeout or gourmet snacks

Throwing a spontaneous party means you no longer have time to prepare delicious homemade dishes. Nonetheless, this does not mean your party should totally forego tasty food. After all, a celebration would not be complete without food. If you do not have time to cook anymore, you can always grab some on-the-go foods like pizzas and fries or opt for gourmet snacks you can find at the supermarket like frozen shrimps or cheese rolls.

2. Drinks and ice

Alongside foods, drinks are the most important things that should not go missing in your party. Drinks are essential for quenching the thirst and making the celebration more exciting. For small gatherings, canned beers and bottles of wine are the most recommended beverages to buy. Nonetheless, you can also serve mixed drinks like mojito and piña colada, or sodas and juices. Be sure to buy lots of ice so your guests can enjoy a cool beverage – we all know that it is no secret that Singapore is humid.

3. Décor and surprises

Just because you have little time to prepare does not mean you are not able to decorate your home or plan some surprises for your guests. To level up your impromptu party, display some décor items on your walls like letter balloons or banners, and prepare little spontaneous delights around like confetti and silly hats. These will surely make your sudden party a lot more energising.

4. Music player with a ready-made playlist

A party without music can definitely be dull and boring. Good music is what keeps a party going. Hence, if you do not want your impromptu party to look like a business conference, do not forget to bring a music player to your party, and prepare an amazing playlist of groovy songs you and your guests can dance to. With the right music, your party will surely not even seem rushed at all.

5. Disposable food containers and utensils

If you want to celebrate a sudden success without worrying about the pile of dishes you will have to wash after the party, you should not forget to purchase disposable food containers and utensils. Plastic food packaging and cutlery are ideal not just for big events but also for small, unplanned ones. Because they are disposable, you can already avoid the hassle of having to wash so many dishes after your celebration.


Throwing a spontaneous party does not have to be stressful and filled with pressure. Your sudden soiree can still be fun and memorable despite short notice if you have all the items mentioned in this article and the right people to celebrate your small achievements with. By keeping in mind this impromptu party checklist, you are now always ready to host an exciting celebration anytime!

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