How Your Choice of Food Packaging Can Aid In Portion Control

How Your Choice of Food Packaging Can Aid In Portion Control

When it comes to promoting sustainability, F&B businesses can do more than just choose eco-friendly food packaging solutions like  a paper lunch box or recyclable take away box. Another aspect that not many put a lot of thought into is how their packaging can aid in reducing food waste.

Portion control has long been used in virtually every dining establishment, from fast food chains to restaurants, as it makes food items uniform. This informs customers about what to expect when they order something and helps workers be consistent when preparing food items.

Nowadays, portion control packaging is becoming even more important in the consumer market as it helps people choose healthier portions and avoid leftovers, which, more often than not, get forgotten and thrown away. Thus, by working with consumers and helping them understand serving sizes, portion control helps mitigate the amount of food that goes to waste.

The Growing Issue of Over-Portioning

It is no secret that a huge amount of water, energy, and time goes into making food, especially those prepared in F&B businesses, and the fact remains that some of them only end up in the trash. This increase in food wastage can be attributed to many factors, including the growing number of people who eat by themselves. Yet despite knowing this, some F&B businesses still overestimate how much food these types of customers can eat in one sitting.

Of course, they are not solely to blame as it can also be consumers' fault if they buy more than they can eat. Nevertheless, by making portion-controlled packaging an inherent part of their food package design, food establishments can make a difference by reducing the odds of customers disposing of their leftover takeout.

And while portion-controlled packaging is certainly no silver bullet solution to the world's food waste problems, it will prevent customers from neglecting the leftovers that are starting to go bad in their fridge because there won't be any to begin with. Multiply this by the hundreds or thousands, and your brand can make a significant and positive impact on food waste.

If you remain unsure whether portion control packaging is right for you, think of this change as your business collaborating with your customers to improve their health and working together to tackle the growing issue of food waste.

Tips on Implementing Portion-Controlled Packaging

If you have decided to put more emphasis on portion control in your food packaging, here are a few tips to help you figure out your next steps:

  • Listen to your target audience and collect information, such as their favourite products/menu items and whether your portion sizes are too small or too much for them.
  • Uncover your customers' pain points and comprehend why they need portion-controlled packaging.
  • Send out surveys asking for their opinions regarding your menu items. For instance, you could ask them if they want a snack-sized version of some of your crowd-favourite items.
  • Go over all your food products and find out which are the most likely candidates for smaller packaging.
  • Combine your understanding of your products and your consumers' needs to create a portion-controlled packaging solution that meets those needs.
  • See how your audience reacts to your revamped packaging, reflect on your findings and feedback, and make further adjustments in preparation for a larger rollout.


Just like with your business practices, your packaging design also has to progress with the times and follow the rising trends, like portion-controlled packaging, which helps promote healthier eating options and mitigates food waste. As cultural changes spread across the globe and consumer needs evolve, your food packaging also needs to change.

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