How To Plan A Birthday Party For A Smashing Good Time

How To Plan A Birthday Party For A Smashing Good Time

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with a bang! If you are one of those people who love to throw a huge party on your birthday, you would know how important planning is to a successful birthday bash. Seeing all the lavish parties that celebrities throw, you might think that a fabulous party has to be extravagant in cost as well. But that’s not true! You can throw a simple party that’s equally welcoming and exciting for you and your guests.

Here are some things you should do to make your next birthday party a smashing good one:

Decorate the space

What turns a space into a party is the decorations! The classic décor for parties are balloons and streamers. These days, there are very stylish balloons you can choose from, like balloons with confetti, metallic-coloured balloons, and even balloons with lights. To make things creative, you can also implement a theme into your party decorations. For example, if the birthday boy loves Spiderman, you can incorporate the red and blue colour scheme into the decorations, and have Spiderman figurines or toys displayed around. Having the right decorations will instantly elevate the mood of the space, and make the birthday person feel ultra special.

Choose the ideal cake and menu

Everyone expects to have some food at a party. You need to plan according to your guests. Depending on the number of guests and their food preferences, you should prepare a good spread for them. A birthday cake is also a must! These days, the birthday cake is also part of the decoration. If you are willing to spend a little more, you should get a customised cake that reflects the theme of the party. Aside from food, you also need to factor in food storage. If you are serving some finger food or snacks, using plastic jars might be a better idea than plates, as you can cover up the food and pass it around more securely. It will be a good idea to prepare some take-out lunch boxes as well, in case you want to let guests share and bring home the remaining food.

Prepare door gifts

It is normal for the birthday boy or girl to receive presents on their birthday, but it will be an extra-nice gesture if the birthday boy or girl also returns the sentiments with some appreciation gifts. Some simple door gifts for the guests will make them feel welcomed. It is also a way to thank them for taking out the time to attend the party. For children’s parties, a gift bag filled with goodies and a small toy will be more than enough to keep them happy. For adults, you can get creative and go with almost anything – a good box of chocolates, a nice bar of soap, a mini succulent plant – the possibilities are endless.

Play a video montage

Birthdays should shine the spotlight on the birthday girl or boy. One of the best ways to highlight the birthday girl or boy is to have a showreel of their photos and videos taken throughout the year, or even from their childhood. If there are funny ones, even better! Guests can have a good time laughing at the photos and recalling the times they spent with the birthday girl or boy.

Let your next birthday party be a hit with these handy tips!