Life-saving Hacks For A Small Kitchen

Life-saving Hacks For A Small Kitchen

Working in a small kitchen is frustrating, but there’s nothing you can do, right? Wrong! Although, yes, we cannot work on the resizing the kitchen, we surely can learn some life-saving hacks that will minimize the clutter in your kitchen.

As long as you stick to these life-saving tips, you can easily create more space on the kitchen counter. Your worries about things like sauce jars, small disposable containers or any other items will easily be cast aside once you take note of these handy guidelines.

Building vertical storage

When you have a limited kitchen size, you must think smart, and one smart way is to hang pots vertically on a wall.

Not only will this save space, but this adds on to the appearance of your kitchen, making it look more spacious and beautiful.

Using a magnetic knife rack

Remember seeing all those scenes in MasterChef where all the polished knives were put up and displayed so exquisitely?

Now it’s your time to shine. Hang this rack on the wall and arrange all your knives on it and be sure to arrange them in order - it makes the knives look even more mesmerizing.

And there you have it, the best of both worlds. A beautiful display of your equipment and a brilliant way to utilise space.

Using sliding wall bags and caddies

If you love showcasing your cooking supplies on the counter, buy a sliding wall rail. This way, you will create space and the kitchen will look tidy.

Also, ensure that you use open shelves that will incorporate small appliances and dishes onto the wall while making space on the shelf. This way, it’s still in your view, plus, it’s neater and spacious, don’t you agree?

Utilizing space above the cabinet

Usually, there’s a lot of space above the cabinet and it’s never used. Firstly, clear off the debris and then place large cooking utensils there.

Make sure you also utilize that area for hanging wooden spoons, small pots, mugs and anything else you could think of. Keep some spare plastic cookie containers for all the snacks you are going to have as well, they will be useful in time to come.

Use this space wisely, and you will create a lot more room.

Storing trash bags under the sink

Mostly, the area under the sink goes unused. Obviously, you can’t keep food items there, but you surely can place trash bags there.

How? Simple! Use an extra curtain rod, mount it under the sink and hang the trash bags for easy use.

Building a wine rack

Low on kitchen space? Not an issue. Now, use a vertical wine rack, and no, you don’t need to buy one, make it yourself. All you need is some wood and bolts. A wall wine rack will place all your bottles neatly and in sight.

Using a hidden cabinet organizer

Keep your fridge light and store all the extras inside the cabinet door. How? Use magnets and clothespins to keep all the extra items and use the inside of the door as an organizer.

So, what do we mean by extras? Hang measuring cups, wooden spoons and whatnot inside the cabinet door and you’re all set.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a small kitchen. While it is true that you will have less space, it just means that its time to spark your creativity and make full use of whatever space that you have.

Don’t limit yourself for having a smaller kitchen and simply go wild with your imagination. There’s plenty of ways to use your space wisely and these are just a few of them.