How To Keep Your F&B Business Afloat During The Pandemic

How To Keep Your F&B Business Afloat During The Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has affected various industries and sectors in many different ways. The food and beverage (F&B) industry has been hit particularly hard by the constant changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers, manufacturers, and restaurant operators have been shaken in ways they were totally not prepared for.

With a potential prolonged social impact and economic recession on the horizon, there’s no guarantee that food and beverage companies can go back to their old operations anytime soon. Because of this, it is essential for these companies to find solutions and keep up with the rapidly changing setting in order to stay afloat amid the outbreak.

If you own a food and beverage business that’s trying to stay on track despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve got you covered with a couple of handy tips. Read on as we’ve put together some of the best things you can do to keep your business up and running in times of crisis.

1. Establish an online selling presence

Since outdoor dining has been limited to manage and halt the spread of the coronavirus, entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry need to pivot their businesses in order to survive. Many companies are particularly turning to digital platforms to continue their operations despite the restrictions.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a producer and distributor, you need to take advantage of the online channels to keep your food and beverage business running and earning despite the closure of physical stores. There are lots of platforms you can use to sell and distribute your products, such as social media and websites.

Since almost everyone is already on social media these days, you can use the platform to promote your brand and gather your audience. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are your best tools when it comes to marketing your brand online.

On the other hand, to get your products out there, you can create your own business website that contains a catalogue of your offers, or you can utilise e-commerce websites like Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10. These websites have millions of daily users, so the potential for earning through them is high.

2. Streamline your order and delivery process

With many people stuck at home, the demand for food delivery services has soared during the coronavirus pandemic. The closing down of dining rooms and physical stores seems to have created an ideal environment for food delivery. This method makes it possible to continuously obtain food while minimising physical contact as much as possible.

If you want your food and beverage business to keep operating, you need to embrace the new normal and streamline your order and delivery process. Because there’s no indication that the impacts of the pandemic will end totally anytime soon, it’s likely that consumer demand for food delivery will remain high as people continue to limit their movements.

With the constant demand for food delivery, food and beverage companies like yours will need to keep the goods flowing by making sure that there are enough personnel, drivers, and truckers for the seamless movements of food and beverage products.

3. Enhance your food packaging

As food delivery and takeout become more prevalent, it’s high time that you spruce up your food packaging as a way to continuously market your brand despite restrictions on the food industry. Good packaging is essential in food businesses; packaging plays a key role in preserving and protecting food products, which is very important nowadays.

Aside from food safety and protection, quality and creative food packaging is also an effective promotional tool for your business. If your take away boxes or PET containers are sturdy and attractive enough to catch people’s attention, you will surely gain many customers to patronise your products.

If you want to be a socially responsible entrepreneur at the same time, it’s also recommended that you invest in eco-friendly disposable lunch boxes. Going green, especially during these challenging times, is a great way to improve your business reputation.


It’s not easy to keep a business on track in times of great crisis. As consumer behavior has been continuously shifting due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, food and beverage companies must find ways to keep up with the changes in order to continuously cater to the demands of the consumers.

By increasing your online presence with social media and e-commerce websites, streamlining your processes, and enhancing your food packaging with creative and eco-friendly take away boxes, you can keep your food and beverage business running and successful even amid the constant social and economic threats brought by the coronavirus crisis.