How To Ensure That Your Kitchen Is Tidy And Organised

How To Ensure That Your Kitchen Is Tidy And Organised

A kitchen can be described as the heart of a home, as it is the place where food is made every day, and it needs to be clean and organised. It should also be tidy, not only to make cooking an easy task but to prevent accidents at all times. When organised, you can also keep out pests from frequenting your kitchen.
Despite this, cleaning up your kitchen might be easier than imagined. Here’s how you can ensure that your kitchen is tidy and organised.


If you are the kind of individual to hold onto many things, it can get pretty messy quickly. Instead, you should look to get rid of broken appliances, PET containers and plastic containers that are not being used. Some containers can even be recycled. This gives your kitchen more space for storing necessities that are needed.

The containers that are in good condition should be stacked together neatly and kept in a corner in the pantry. Once in a while, you should look to remove everything from the pantry and reorganise it again. If possible, look for a new way of organising your essentials. You could find that you have a lot of extra storage space inside that you could use. If you have a habit of placing any items on the kitchen table or counter, you should look to keep them outside or store it in the appropriate place.

Make use of storage cabinets

Most kitchens have storage cabinets for you to put things in. You can utilise them to make your kitchen even tidier and organised. There are some pieces of machinery that you may often use, which requires them to be out in the open, but you can put them in storage where they are within reach. Having plastic jars with lids can enable you to put things all in one place. Cooking spoons and spatulas will also look neat in one container instead of being spread out in your kitchen.

Observe hygiene

You should always be having high standards of hygiene essential in the kitchen. Cleaning chopping boards and knives immediately after use and keeping them in the right places ensures that your kitchen is tidy. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink for days before cleaning them. Wipe the counters and inside the cabinets. Clear the kitchen dustbin every single day. It will keep away pests like cockroaches and rats.

Hygiene also applies to how your food is stored. If you are leaving food for tonight or bringing it into work, you can always use take out lunch boxes and pack your food in them. You don’t want to leave any paper box for food out in the open, so ensure that they are stored in a place where no pests can reach them.

Make it a routine

Once you start this routine, you need to keep up with it every day. Before going to bed, ensure that the kitchen sink is spotless. If there are dishes in the washer, get them out, dry them, and keep them in their respective storage areas. Make a point in doing a thorough cleaning of the kitchen once a week. Remove all the leftover foods from the fridge that have gone stale, and dispose of them.

You can install hooks and add extra racks to spaces that you can put cabinets. If you have a kitchen island, you can add an extra shelf to fit your pots and pans.