6 Ways To Handle Your Kitchen Storage And Keep It Clean

6 Ways To Handle Your Kitchen Storage And Keep It Clean

Have you ever entered a kitchen and wondered why it looked like a tornado has just passed through it? Pots and pans all over, bread, fruits, and even milk all lying around. One of the major factors of having a clean and clear kitchen is through storage. Removing a cluttered kitchen not only helps you ensure that everything is placed where they should be but keeps it clean and safe for your family and kids.

So how can you deal with storage issues without breaking the bank? Here are a few ways you can keep your kitchen clean and neat.

Putting pull out pantries

This is one easiest of the ways you can create space for organizing things. Not only is it just a wooden cabinet with shelves for storage, but it is easily movable due to it being attached with wheels. You can fit one in any space in your kitchen. Depending on the size of your pantry, you can opt to put grains, dried goods, spices and bottles on it. However, it would be best not to put it too close to the oven as it might mess up the quality of the ingredients stored.

Make use of corners in the kitchen

Are there a lot of empty corners in your kitchen? You might find that they are usually a good spot for you to place storage too. For example, you can opt for a smart shelf there, also known as the lazy Susan or pie cut turntables. Now, you have more than enough room to place your cutlery, pots and pans all at once!

Place some hanging rails

Hanging rails are an efficient tool for storing things that you use daily. Your cooking spoons, for one, are great when placed on hanging rails as you can grab them quickly. Hanging rails can make your kitchen look great immediately, and also help you deal with clutter lying around as well.

Make use of big cabinets

If you have an old cabinet in your home, you can turn it into a storage unit. Most of those large cabinets usually have a lot of space that you can store your utensils or things in. You can add more shelves in them and some rails for organizational purposes too. The space that they have is enough to store anything.  You can put some pineapple tart containers there for carrying food and treats when you want to. Don’t have one? Acquiring a second-hand cabinet can also be pretty easy with second-hand markets online. You can even paint it and customize it to your needs in any way you’d like!

Adding open shelves

These shelves are great because they can fit in any available area. You can get lengths that are suitable for your available space. The best part? You can arrange anything on them. Whether you’re looking to put things at the top or add hooks below, these shelves provide more storage and give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Get cupboard organizers

Organizers are great for stacking spices and useful with storage. You can get them from most stores and fixing them up is simple too. Anyone can afford them, and they are great when it comes to spicing up the kitchen.

You can get what works best for you and enjoy a clean, organized kitchen with enough storage. On the other hand, you should also prepare for mealtime outside of your home. Consider getting essentials like take out lunch boxes or takeaway boxes to stay prepared in such situations!