How To Decorate A Small Kitchen When On A Budget

How To Decorate A Small Kitchen When On A Budget

Find your kitchen décor looking tired and outdated? If a whole kitchen renovation is out of budget, you can switch up some of your kitchen arrangements to make your kitchen more up-to-date. Here are some tips to achieve a modern kitchen look effortlessly!

Play with patterns

Geometric patterns create visual interest in the room and add personality to the space. You can do this by painting your desired design on the walls, or by applying wallpaper. If your budget allows, redoing the tiles of your kitchen floor or backsplash also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, giving it a fresh new look. As a guide, long lines can give the impression of elongating or enlarging your space, so use this to your advantage. To avoid a typical-looking kitchen, play with colours and choose a combination that makes you excited about stepping into the kitchen!

Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are inexpensive, easy to install, and do not require much space. They provide you with more real estate to display your wares, and at the same time serves as extra storage space! And who says shelves have to be boring? Get creative with the placement of these shelves, and showcase your most ornamental kitchenware. Even plastic cookie containers can look pretty – fill them with dried goods like spices, tea leaves, or, well, cookies, and arrange them neatly. The assortment of colours of your foodstuffs can make for some eye-catching visuals! And of course, this makes it easy to locate your food as well.

Use plates as wall décor

If you are one of those people who own too many plates, a good idea is to pick out a few with unique designs to showcase as ornaments. All you need is some heavy-duty adhesive or stands to secure the plates on your wall, or place them upright on shelves. The more varied patterns your plates have, the better for giving off an eclectic feel. If your plates each have their unique histories to tell, this also makes for an excellent conversation starter.

Change the lighting fixtures

While good lighting is a must in any kitchen, light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes so that you can customise the look of your home effortlessly. Pendant lights are a timeless style for any space, while track lights are recommended for a modern and clean look. Just one word of caution, though: Always think through the placement of lights to ensure any hanging or protruding lights are not in the way of human traffic.

Refresh your furniture

Your kitchen's aesthetics may be suffering due to tacky-looking furniture. If the furniture pieces are still good to use, consider refreshing them with some DIY magic. Wooden furniture can be polished or painted over for a whole new look. Fabric covers of seats can be replaced with covers that sport more modern-looking prints, and same goes for table-runners and table cloths.

Remove clutter

It's common to forget to clear out our kitchen, which explains that long-expired can of tuna still sitting in your larder. Throw out the old food and broken kitchen appliances, and give away any items that you no longer need but are still usable. Reuse your take away box to store and organise your remaining items – it is also advisable to label them for easy referencing. Not enough boxes? You could always get more from disposable lunch boxes suppliers for very affordable storage solutions. Decluttering and making your kitchen storage more systematic helps you stay organised and clean, giving you more room to whip up nourishing food!

Now you know how to give your kitchen a makeover without burning a deep hole in your pocket! Which of these tips will you try first?