Essential Ways To Add More Storage Into Your Kitchen

Essential Ways To Add More Storage Into Your Kitchen

As day to day, life becomes more and more demanding, we acquire more and more things. This makes storage extremely important for an individual looking to have an organised kitchen. Doing renovations can be costly and time-consuming, but there are ways for you to add more storage into your kitchen if you like. Here are a few essential ways to do so.

Add a shelf on your kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island, you should make the most out of it. Get aboard and add to the bottom of it if possible. Doing so will give you more space to place your cooking pots and pans. If your kitchen island doesn't have it, then you can put side shelves for your spatulas and make it an easy reach. You can make the shelves fit with the island for a smooth, natural finish.

Put up a pot rack

You can install one above the kitchen island. This easy installation can allow you more storage for your pots and pans. Ensure that it is strong enough to hold several pots. If your kitchen is too small to have an island, then install it on top of the sink. Remember that it should be easily accessible for removal of pans when cooking.

Use containers

If for one reason or another, you can't add or put the above, then you can get containers. Invest in storage boxes and plastic jars with lids. This will ensure that even if the item is in plain sight, they are well organised. For your little essentials, placing them into pineapple tart containers can also fit into an organised kitchen.

The boxes and containers can be put on top of the cabinets and the fridge. The jars can be placed on window ledges if you have space available. Are you preparing to cook and bring your lunch to work? Take out lunch boxes are essential to keep around. Achieving organisation makes it easy for you to grab any box in your kitchen as you already know what it contains.

Put hooks for cups

Mugs and cups can be tricky to organise. Most of them can't stack up, so they need their own space on cabinets and shelves. Having hooks on walls or sides of cabinets to hang them on can be a creative way to bring some glamour in a kitchen while solving storage issues. The hooks can be in different colours, and you can place them in any way that you feel is pleasing and easy for your day to day use.

Make use of cabinet doors

Cabinets have a lot of potential when creating extra space. The inner part of the doors can have hooks and racks installed. This can be an excellent place for you to store spices and other ingredients that you can use for cooking. Depending on the kind of frames you get, you can put your cutlery and cooking spoons too.

Add floating shelves

Place shelves in spaces where you may not be able to fit cabinets. These shelves can be either straight or curved, giving your kitchen more storage and style. With so many designs for floating shelves, you will only be spoilt for choice.

These simple additions enable you to have ample space to put away your kitchenware neatly.