Choosing The Best Takeout Containers For The Delivery Era

Choosing The Best Takeout Containers For The Delivery Era

Ever since the start of the pandemic, most people have been staying at home and thus, ordering food for delivery is the norm these days. In 2020 alone, Singaporeans have been found to be 80 per cent more reliant on food delivery services. Many food establishments are thriving with this fact, as although they might not experience many dine-in customers a day, fulfilling deliveries have become the perfect opportunity to grow their business. Many have streamlined their operations to focus on deliveries now, and have even tweaked their packaging to aid in that.

For food delivery businesses, what makes good packaging secure and neat? Aside from looking great and carrying their brand, a business should also be mindful of the following important points.

No-spill packaging

No matter how bumpy the trip from your restaurant to the delivery location, you’ve got to ensure that food stays fresh as it arrives at your customer’s home. Secure packaging is the key, and it should stay undamaged even while in transit.

  • Soup-based foods must have a secure lid when packed in a bowl.
  • For dry food items, a clamshell box with tabs that can be securely locked is best.
  • For beverage items, a spill-proof cup or bottle is a must.
  • Paper items must be reinforced and sturdy enough so they don’t get soggy from long rides

Taking note of the above will net you some peace of mind as your customer’s order makes its way to your customer’s table and not all over the delivery bag.

Easy to open and use for consumers

Of course, packaging should also be easy and convenient for customers to open. A hungry customer might not like it if the plastic lid on a sealed container is too hard to pull. If a bowl is too narrow to scoop food from, they might not enjoy eating from it. If they struggle to open something and it ends up bursting — making a mess all over the floor — that’s a disaster.

These little hiccups will have a negative effect on their dining experience. Make sure that your packaging hits the right balance of secureness and convenience of use.


Post-consumer waste can now be a thing of the past if you invest in eco-friendly packaging as well. Gone are the days of styrofoam bowls and plastic clamshells. There are now new materials that can be used to make exquisite and effective packaging for food businesses. For example, plastic food packaging made out of sugarcane offer the same durability offered by plastic ones but are fully compostable and biodegradable.


Well thought out packaging equates to a positive takeout experience for consumers. Those who enjoy your food and service will encourage your customers to convert into repeat buyers – all from a good experience. Positive feedback will, in turn, convert into more and more customers. With these in mind, your food business will surely thrive in these trying times.

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