A Basic Guide To Storing Each Type of Cookies The Right Way

A Basic Guide To Storing Each Type of Cookies The Right Way

Everybody loves freshly baked cookies. However, stale and dry cookies can totally ruin the experience. Therefore, it is important to keep cookies fresh as much as possible in order for them to deliver optimum flavour. Fortunately, prolonging the freshness or crispiness of cookies is easy with proper storage. How you store your baked cookies essentially makes all the difference when it comes to their quality for a long time.

The best way to store cookies largely depends upon the type of cookies you are baking. There are basically two main types of cookies: soft cookies and crispy cookies. Soft cookies are those whose dough are baked in balls, which spread as they bake but maintain their gooiness in the middle. On the other hand, crispy cookies are those whose dough balls are smashed down before baking to encourage them to flatten in the oven.

If you are a cookie enthusiast or business owner who is looking for an effective way to extend the shelf life of your baked cookies, then this article is right for you! Read on to learn the best methods for storing cookies according to their type, so they can remain fresh and crispy for an extended amount of time!

Best Storage For Soft Cookies

The best and most recommended way to store soft cookies like drop cookies is to store them in an airtight container, either in only one layer or with layers that are separated by sheets of parchment paper to avoid sticking.

If you bake multi-flavoured cookies, remember to keep them separated or else they will take on one another’s flavour! Although this will not matter much in some cases, such as when you are storing brown butter shortbread and regular shortbread in the same container, segregating them is still highly recommended if you want their individual flavours to stand out. This is especially true if you are storing very different cookie flavours like peppermint and pumpkin, as the combining result could be unusual.

Best Storage For Crispy Cookies

If you like crispy cookies like wafer cookies and gingersnaps more than the soft ones, you should not necessarily employ the tricks mentioned above because they are intended to make your cookies soft and chewy. This means that airtight containers are not the way to go. Instead, to retain the crispiness and crunch of your baked cookies, you need to store them in a food packaging container that allows some air in.

The classic cookie jar is an excellent example of this – it seals the cookies, but it is not 100% airtight. This means that the jar protects the cookies from dust and other elements, but it does not seal them in a humid container that will make them soft and chewy. If you do not have a cookie jar at home, an airtight container that has its lid partially unsealed will suffice. Otherwise, you can store your crispy cookies in regular disposable food packaging.


Proper storage is definitely the key to maintaining the chewiness or crunchiness of your baked cookies. By knowing how to properly store your cookies according to whether they are soft or crispy, you can already retain their excellent quality and mouth-watering flavour for an extended period of time. Properly stored cookies are surely some of the best snacks you can share with your family and friends who come over! For those who are business owners, check out our article on the essential supplies for baked goods businesses!

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