4 Important Supplies You Need for Your Baked Goods Business

4 Important Supplies You Need for Your Baked Goods Business

If you own a bakery or confectionery, part of the daily grind is making sure that your ovens, mixers, and other equipment are in perfect working order. A quick check to make sure your baking supplies are topped up and a stock take to make sure that your packing supplies are available.

Surprisingly, packaging is usually one of the last things on most food retailers’ minds. That is understandable as most people take it as a casual last step to their sales process. However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that packages and containers are the means to deliver your fresh baked products from your counter to the customer’s table. Not only do they ensure the freshness of your goods before it reaches your customer’s tables, they can also reflect your business’ image. 

So you should carefully consider your packaging solutions as a business owner, especially your disposable packaging and containers, as part of your core business solutions. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people make fewer visits to shops and spend less time in stores, and food packaging solutions are becoming more and more the face of many F&B businesses out there. As such, it’s essential to stock up on the baking packaging supplies you need, starting with these: 

  • Cake boxes and cake base

Cake boxes provide premium protection for cakes and bakery goods while they pass from bakery to customer. It is usually made of paperboard or other materials, with a portable and stackable design plus hinged lids and side tabs to ensure easy product removal. Cake boxes keep air out and prevent baked goods from drying and growing stale. It may feature window panels to offer product visibility to customers. Cake base discs provide a solid base for cakes. They come in many sizes and could be made from corrugated cardboard with a foil or PET coating, but plastic trays are also used depending on the type of cake and the design of the box itself. 

  • Zip pouches

Zip pouches are resealable airtight containers that thoroughly secure your baked products, ensuring that no air or moisture seeps in and preserving the food’s quality, freshness, and crispiness. Functional zippers allow an effortless and convenient opening/closing of the bag. The airtight feature extends the product’s shelf life, locks in aromas, and prevents leaks and spills. The pouch may also come with clear plastic windows to display its contents and make the treats more attractive. It is perfect for cookies, bagels, biscuits, brownie bars, and other goodies that are not prone to deformation. 

  • Paper Bags

Paper bags are a baker’s must-have. Food grade bakery bags come in various sizes and are purpose-designed to suit each type of product. For example, some paper bags are waterproof and greaseproof, which are excellent in holding out against products like cheese, sauces, butter, snack rolls and other foodstuffs that could feel greasy. Paper has good breathability and allows room temperature air to circulate, thus keeping bread crusty and crispy. It prevents the penetration of oil and thus retains the baked good’s original flavour and taste. Using a paper bag is ideal for bread, tarts, pastries, and other crusty goods and dry bakery products that can be quickly consumed without worry about keeping the pastries’ delicate shape.

  • Plastic containers

Plastic containers are available in so many shapes, sizes, and styles that it is easy to find one to fit your particular needs. You can find small plastic containers for cakes, pastries, doughnuts, or cylindrical tube packaging for cookies, breadsticks, or biscuits.

Plastics are non-permeable and protect against moisture loss and gain, and they are ideal for moist food like creampuffs and cupcakes. Plastic containers are airtight, decreasing the possibility of contamination and keeping foodstuff such as crackers and chips from becoming stale for a long time. They are stackable and work well for all types of storage, may they be in a cupboard, refrigerator, or freezer.


The packaging of your product has a great many purposes. Aside from protecting and preserving your baked goods, it also adds visual appeal and presentation. Your packaging forms a part of your brand identity. Thus, you should invest in quality packaging that bumps up your brand and the image you want to sell.

If you are still in doubt, check out the vast catalogue of paper and plastic packaging solutions that Supply Smiths has in store, and we’re sure to find you the perfect food packaging for your cakes and pastries.