7 Food YouTubers To Check Out For Mouthwatering Recipes

7 Food YouTubers To Check Out For Mouthwatering Recipes

Since the early days of television, we’re sure you’ve watched a couple of cooking shows or competition! Now, YouTube has paved the way for many budding chefs to share their craft and love for cooking through step-by-step tutorials and recipes. From amateur chefs to seasoned professionals, you’ll find a library of content from kitchens around the world, waiting to be discovered just a click away.

To ease your browsing experience, we’ve compiled a list of seven food YouTubers. With content so mouthwateringly delicious, you won’t be able to resist jumping into the kitchen to get your cooking game on!

Marion’s Kitchen

At Marion’s Kitchen, you’ll find a catalogue of amazing Asian and Asian-infused recipes. The host, Marion Grasby, is a Thai-Australian food producer, presenter and cookbook author who travels around Asia to curate amazing recipes to share on YouTube. Do you love pasta? Then you’re in for a treat! Check out her pasta recipes that are developed with an Asian twist.

Feast Of Fiction

Ever watched a television show or cartoon with food that looks too good to be true? Too bad, it’s fictional. Well, Feast Of Fiction aims to change that! They bring all kinds of delightful food from television, movies, games and books to life by creating recipes for you to follow. Though we can’t verify if it tastes similar, it sure looks the same. So the next time you and your friend binge watch a series together, try out one of their recipes and share the joy with your friend by packing some in take out lunch boxes.

Laura In The Kitchen

Laura In The Kitchen has been in the YouTube scene since 2010. Laura Vitale is your one-stop-channel for authentic Italian dishes, many kinds of food and decadent desserts. She has over 1,000 recipes uploaded and counting, with all her recipes available for free on her website.


Maangchi is hosted by Emily Kim, a Korean-American YouTuber who has been producing recipes centred around Korean cuisines on YouTube since 2007. So, if you love Korean Dramas, then you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that you can so easily replicate any of the dishes you see! Turn on any of her cooking tutorials and you’d find yourself blown away by her fabulous and candid personality.

Just One Cookbook

On Just One Cookbook, you’ll find an array of authentic Japanese food recipes, with step-by-step instructions that make the tutorials so easy to follow. Not only are their recipes easily accessible to everyone, but they’re also catered to many kinds of dietary needs. On their website, you have the option to search for recipes based on these dietary requirements: gluten-free, healthy, low-carb, vegan and vegetarian. Once you have a preferred recipe in mind, you can whip out the dish or snack and pack them into plastic containers if you’re planning to keep them until the next day!

Souped Up Recipes

Do you miss indulging in a hearty bowl of tongue-numbing and spicy of Mala Xiang Guo? Fret not, because you can recreate them at home! For Chinese food that tastes better than takeout and is simple to follow along, Souped Up Recipes is your go-to channel. You’ll even find informative videos like how to make any meat tender or a guide on growing your own beansprouts.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

There seems to be a misconception that living a vegan lifestyle is costlier and restricting. For example, getting vegan cheese from the supermarket can be quite pricey as compared to regular cheese. With videos angled towards low budget vegan food that are just as tasty, Cheap Lazy Vegan aims to dispel those misconceptions! For doable and straightforward vegan recipes or meal prep inspirations, you know where to go.

After staying home over the Circuit Breaker period, you might have found yourself gravitating towards the kitchen to whip up homemade meals. As you find yourself getting inspired by these videos on YouTube, speak your dreams into existence by experimenting with those recipes! And if you have extras, pack them in small plastic containers with lids to be stored in the freezer for future meals.