5 Tips To Ensure Effortless And Healthy Meal Preparations

5 Tips To Ensure Effortless And Healthy Meal Preparations

Food is a necessity in our daily lives. Aside from the fact that we need to eat to stay alive, it also determines how healthy we are. Most people usually don't find time to cook healthy meals at home because they need to be in different places at all times. This factor has led to the emergence of countless fast-food restaurants all over Singapore.

Are you looking to get your family to eat healthy foods often and yet don’t have the time to cook meals from scratch every day? If so, here are a few things that you can do for easy and healthy meal preparations.

Make a list of what you need

Whenever you are free, you can aside some time and jot down all of the ingredients you require for a healthy and tasty meal. With your written list, you should purchase accordingly to ensure that you have enough meals to last your family for a week.

Organise your kitchen space

In order for you to work well, your space needs to be cleaned up and tidy. A few things you can do include keeping the pantry and storage areas neat. Aim to make the kitchen a safe space, so that you understand where the knives, PET containers or container jars are throughout the kitchen.

Be sure to keep all of your equipment cleaned. If required, sharpen your blades too. It is always best to ensure that the sink has been cleared, the utensils cleaned, including the chopping boards before and after cooking.

Buy storage containers

You should look to invest in durable containers or take out lunch boxes to store your food. When buying a container, you should consider the intended usage. For example, if you are going to put the food in the freezer or fridge, if it will be used in the microwave, or if you will use a dishwasher to clean it. All of these factors, including the addition of lids, can aid in selecting the best containers to safekeep your food.

Other storage containers can also be considered, including glass storage jars. Having plastic containers of different sizes can help you maximise the space they take when storing them. Once you have done all the prep, do remember to freeze the ones that you will use later during the week and put the rest in fridge containers for when you need to use them immediately.

Clean and cut them up

Thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruits that you have. Using running water can ensure that the dirt comes off quickly. Once you have ensured that they are fresh, you can proceed to cut them up.

If you have only one chopping board with a variety of meat, such as fish, beef and mutton to cut, do remember to clean it properly. Doing so can aid in preventing the contamination of foods.

Keep your spices in order

We all have certain spices that take our meals to the next level. Having those spices within reach can make your meal palatable. Use what suits you, such as fresh herbs or even dried up spices.

With such preparation in place, cooking will not only be easier, but enjoyable as well.