6 Tips and Tricks You Need to Attain the Perfect Lunch Box

6 Tips and Tricks You Need to Attain the Perfect Lunch Box

Aside from breakfast, lunch is also an essential meal of the day! Lunch allows you to fuel up with the energy needed to go through the rest of the afternoon. Especially if you’re having a long day at work or in school, lunchtime is something you often look forward to. If you’re planning to pack lunch for yourself or your family, then here are some tips and tricks to ease the process! 

The key to a great to-go lunch

The time taken to prepare a lunch box depends on your meal prep, and the contents of the lunch box. We recommend using food that can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator or freezer. Some examples include chicken curry, pasta, quinoa muffins and sweet potatoes. After, pack them in small plastic containers so it’ll be easier for you to grab and reheat it.

Ease the meal prep process

One way to deal with meal prepping is by preparing regular meals at home. You can choose to cook it in larger batches so that you can save the leftovers for another day. If you want to simplify your experience in the kitchen, we recommend making use of the pineapple tart container you have laying around to store food. The transparent container allows you to identify the ingredient quickly. On top of that, you’d be able to maintain maximum freshness because of its airtight lid. 

Diversify the types of food

With lunch boxes, the possibilities are endless. There is no one-size-fits-all meal that your lunch box has to adhere to. Ensure a balanced meal by complementing the mains with fruits, vegetables and nuts. These sides make your lunch box look colourful too, so lunch is always a meal that you look forward to when in school or at work. You don’t have to cook all the time too, as baking is also an option!

What can you do about picky eaters?

We all love having fun! There’s nothing more pleasing to the eyes than a variety of shapes and colours. You can apply this concept to prepare your lunch box. Take fruits and vegetables for an example! You can cut them up into shapes. Afterwards, seal them up into airtight ziplock bags to prevent browning. Leave some picks inside too. 

Is there a better way to store and carry my food?

It depends on the type of food you’re packing. If it’s a sandwich, then a reusable sandwich bag would be a good fit. If you cooked a meal and want to ensure that everyone in the family has equal portions of food, then consider packing it in to take out lunch boxes. Ultimately, a tasty meal isn’t complete without high-quality packaging. 

Personalise the experience

If you’re preparing the lunch box for yourself or others, a cherry on top is a handwritten note! It’s a simple yet meaningful gesture that adds a depth of flavour to your lunch box. As cheesy as this sounds, feed the stomach with food and love. If you want to add a touch of fun, then add a short riddle at the bottom to leave them guessing. You could prepare these handwritten notes ahead of time!


We live in a fast-paced world that often; we forget to take breaks. Hopefully, preparing lunch boxes ahead of time would serve as a reminder to slow down and breathe, as you indulge in good food. Besides, packing a healthy lunch not only benefits your health but your wallet as it helps you save money!