5 Steps To Help You Plan A Memorable Bridal Shower

5 Steps To Help You Plan A Memorable Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a time of fun and celebration for the bride and close friends and family members to enjoy some time together. Traditionally, bridal showers are also a time for guests to send gifts to help the couple set up their new home. The bridal shower typically involves close female friends and family members, including sisters, mother, aunts and grandmother.

If you are a bride-to-be or someone tasked to plan a bridal shower, here’s what you need to know about planning a successful bridal shower:

Get the bride on board

While some people want to make the bridal shower a surprise for the bride, this may be more difficult to execute. In this case, you will need a close family member to find out when the bride is available and what her preferences are for the guest list and type of activities. However, it might be a better decision to involve the bride in some parts of the planning. This way, she will be able to pick a date that she is available, and convey her wishes for the bridal shower.

Get a suitable venue

Bridal showers can vary widely in the range of activities involved. Depending on the type of activities you will be carrying out, an appropriate place may be the bride’s parent’s home, a restaurant, or a private function room. Take care to choose a venue where the party won’t cause a disturbance to surrounding neighbours, and where there is enough space for everyone to move and enjoy themselves.

Plan the menu

A gathering is not complete without food. Make sure that there is enough food for everyone attending the bridal shower, and that special diets are put into consideration. The food can be ordered from the restaurant the bridal shower is being held at, or catered to the home. It is also possible to do a home-cooked menu or potluck. Keep food packaging supplies ready at hand to organise the spread of foods, and get plastic containers in Singapore to store any excess food after the party. 

Have fun games and activities planned

The bridal shower should be fun for everyone. That means having some activities that everyone can engage in during the party. This can come in the form of family-friendly games such as games testing the guests’ knowledge of the bride, or activities everyone can do together such as getting a manicure, learning flower arrangement, and the like.  

Plan early

Bridal showers are typically held anywhere from 6 months to 2 weeks before the wedding. The date chosen should strike a balance between building anticipation for the wedding, and be logistically viable for the bride and guests to attend. It is best to plan well in advance so that everyone involved can set aside time to participate in the bridal shower.

Planning early allows guests time to buy gifts, prepare their outfits, and if need be, arrange their travels to the bridal shower. This also lets the organiser have enough time to decide on the most exciting activities, book the most appropriate venue, source for the most affordable disposable lunch boxes in Singapore, and cater the most tantalising spread of food for the guests. 

A lot of thought goes into making an enjoyable and memorable bridal shower. Use these tips to plan the ideal bridal shower to celebrate the bride and her special day!