5 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Your Kid's Lunchbox

5 Factors To Consider When Shopping For Your Kid's Lunchbox

Putting together a nutrition-packed meal is important for your little one - they need the right nutrients to be healthy and strong. With healthy foods, your kid can stay focused in class, help form a solid foundation for healthy eating habits, and equip them with nutritional knowledge that will last their entire lifetime.

As the essential mid-day meal that refuels anyone’s body - you need the perfect lunchbox to go along with it as well!

However, it can be daunting to choose the right lunchbox for your child with the various options available to you. While your child’s safety is the main priority,  there are other factors you may want to consider as well. Here are seven things to note when you are out shopping for a new lunchbox!

1. Does it have room for an ice pack?

The food you prepare for your child is perishable, and your kid’s lunchbox may be insufficient to protect it for more than a few hours.

If you are serving sliced fruits or dairy products, it is vital to ensure the lunchbox has enough room to place several ice packs. The ice packs can preserve the food and keep it cold until recess time. Hence, the only thing you should take note of is to check the ice packs frequently to ensure they are not leaking fluid.

2. Can it fit into your child’s bag?

If your child is a big eater, you may consider getting a bigger lunchbox so you can pack sufficient food.

However, it is vital to consider the lunchbox’s dimensions and whether it can fit into your kid’s backpack. Their backpacks will be loaded with items they need for their classes, such as their textbooks and stationeries. There may not be sufficient space in the bag to cram a large lunchbox.

3. Is it environmental-friendly?

Rather than utilise disposable bags, you may want to consider getting kraft takeaway boxes to accommodate a fruit or sandwich. These are reusable and durable - making it the perfect lunchbox for both the environment and yourself!

On the other hand, for the more eco-conscious parents, you can consider getting biodegradable food packaging or eco-friendly lunchboxes for your kids.

4. Is it able to keep the food warm?

If you are packing cooked food for your child, you should consider getting an insulated lunchbox.

The insulated container can retain the food’s temperature, helping to keep it warm and fresh so your child can consume the food safely. There are various options available in the market for you to choose from.

5. Is it compartmentalised?

You may want to consider getting a lunchbox that’s similar to a bento, which has several compartments available for you to separate the different dishes. This lunchbox provides greater flexibility and allows you to pack a hearty meal for your child. You will even be able to sneak in a delicious dessert for your kid to savour after the main meal.


Nothing beats a meal prepared with a parent’s love. Pairing it with an attractive and functional lunchbox will encourage your child to carry the meal with them. However, it can be a dilemma to pick the ideal food container, so keep these five factors in mind if you are struggling to decide.