5 Essential Tips To Throwing An Awesome Housewarming Party

5 Essential Tips To Throwing An Awesome Housewarming Party

Moving into a new home can be very exciting. It may be a house that you've been waiting for, and finally, you're able to move in. Either way, the idea that you will meet your new neighbours and have new experiences is something to look forward to. 

The best way to get to know your neighbours is to have a housewarming party. If you want to make it exciting and memorable for your neighbours, here are a few tips!

Have a party theme

Yes, you can have a themed housewarming party! Not only will it be interesting for your neighbours and those taking part, but it can be inviting for them to join in. When you're coming up with a theme, ensure that it is child-friendly so that your neighbours feel comfortable in bringing over their kids. A pirate idea that is both child-friendly and adventurous is good as it appeals to both adults and kids. Of course, having a themed party requires you to decorate your home in the suggested theme to get your neighbours and invitees in the mood.

Send out your invitations early

Everybody is busy in this inter-connected world. It is vital to ensure that you give your invitees enough time to prepare for the housewarming party, especially if you have a theme prepared. You can do the party planning a few weeks after you have settled down and sent out the invitation cards a few days or a week prior. Going old school and sending out invitation cards is perfect as you will not have your new neighbour's emails, and if you'd like, you can set up a housewarming registry. It will help the guests to know what to prepare, such as gifts for your party.

Preparing enough food and drinks for everyone

Even though your aim is to know your neighbours more, you should prepare enough treats for everyone. Consider the little ones as well, as they might not be able to finish a whole burger or steak. That’s when take out lunch boxes come in so they can pack their food and finish their scrumptious meal in their humble abode! Otherwise, you could also purchase small treats, such as pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, and kueh bangkit. All you will need is the appropriate snack containers - like peanut cookie or pineapple tart containers to store your yummy delicacies. For your neighbours, make simple food and leave the gourmet dishes for another day. Should they decide to leave before finishing up their meal, you can prepare small disposable containers for them to take home.

Have games for the kids

Even though parents may arrive with their children, having a play area for their children can keep them pre-occupied during the housewarming party. If you have a big enough space in the back of your house, or a room allocated just for the little ones, you can set up fun games and activities for them. Remember: it is best to have an adult to supervise and watch over them.

Set up a bar for the adults

With your suggested theme, prepared food and a play area for kids, having a bar can significantly satisfy your invited neighbours. You can have a mix of drinks such as a fruit punch as they interact together. With a few drinks, this will help you interact with them and allow them to open up and be free with you. While alcoholic beverages can be a party fun, it might not be a good idea with the little ones around.