Event Planning Tips You Cannot Overlook For Your Next Event

Event Planning Tips You Cannot Overlook For Your Next Event

Event-planning is not an easy feat. Whether it is a public event like an outdoor festival, party, or closed-door event like a conference or wedding, a lot of thought needs to be put in to cover every aspect of the event.

For most people, the priority when planning for the event is its programmes. However, many other things need to be considered, such as the guest list, refreshments, and more. The difference between a well-planned event and a poorly-done one are in these little details. Here are some oft-overlooked aspects of event-planning that you should keep in mind not to forget: 

Make space for everyone 

People want to feel welcome when they arrive at your event, so one key thing to note is whether there’s enough space for everyone. If it is a standing event like an outdoor concert, the capacity of your space is much more flexible. But if it is a seated event like a wedding or conference, it is crucial to arrange enough seats for every single guest. 

To ensure you have enough seats for the event, you should send out your invitations early and set your RSVP deadline with enough time for you to finalise the seating. In the event you are unable to know the exact number of attendees, it is always safer to go with a more generous estimate and cater a few extra seats. In addition, if you have invited esteemed guests to your event, it is courtesy to provide them with the best seats in the house that is clearly marked out.

Work on security and safety 

For any large-scale event, security and crowd management is essential. It can be easy to overlook, but security services are important to ensure that you don’t have uninvited or suspicious people entering your event premises. At the very least, some form of security checks at the entrance of your event cannot be left out.

Crowd management is also useful for large-scale events to direct traffic and keep the crowds behaving in an orderly manner. It can be easy for people to get overly excited and end up pushing and shoving in a congested area. Thus, crowd security officers will be useful to watch and control the throng of people at your event.


Most events can’t do without some food and drinks. Whether it is some simple refreshments, or a full-blown buffet catering, your event can do with some good nourishment to ensure your attendees are well satiated to enjoy the event. While the challenge of catering food for a large crowd is real, you can do your best by providing a wide variety of food, or the most ‘neutral’ type of food that most people will be able to eat. For example, Muslims don’t eat pork, Hindus don’t eat beef, and shellfish is a common allergen – so a safe bet will be to go for chicken and fish options. Make sure there are enough vegetarian-friendly options for the vegetarian attendees as well.

Don’t limit yourself to the idea of a buffet for an event. If your event space allows for it, you can play with the idea of leasing out some stalls to external vendors for them to sell their goods. The good thing about this is it will ensure a variety of food options. Another alternative is to hand out meal boxes in small disposable containers. In Singapore, paper takeaway boxes are a handy way to portion out meals so that people can enjoy their meal conveniently without the long buffet lines. Last but not least, don’t forget to factor in the amount 'of food for your planning team as well!

With these tips, you can make sure your event is well-planned and ready to roll. Now you can give your attendees a flawless experience at your next event!