5 Benefits Of Using Kraft Packaging For Your Business

5 Benefits Of Using Kraft Packaging For Your Business

Today, there are many different types of cardboard or paper boxes in the market that are used for packaging. However, Kraft packaging boxes have skyrocketed in popularity in the recent years. They have a distinct texture, feel, and look to it, which may be the reason why so many businesses gravitate towards the material.

By default, Kraft boxes come in brown colour, but they can be printed and customised to any colour you wish for. Here are 5 benefits of kraft takeaway boxes and why they are a great packaging option!


Kraft packaging boxes are a naturally biodegradable product, making them one of the most environmentally friendly boxes; as materials creating such kraft boxes are obtained from pine pulp. Hence, we need not worry about polluting the environment as they can be recycled.

So, if your business wishes to be environmentally responsible and do not want to contribute to the increasing wasteland, Kraft boxes are for you! This might lead to a rise in your reputation and increase customer trust and satisfaction.

Wide range of custom Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes can be customised into any shape, design, or style you are looking for. You can also adjust and mould them accordingly to the dimensions of your product. This is why they are often used for the packaging of cosmetics, food, soap, and gift items.

Some of the different types of Kraft boxes includes Kraft centre closing lunch box, handle lunch box, and Kraft window lunch boxes.

Product safety

It is essential to ensure that your product is safely delivered if you want a positive review. Kraft boxes are considered to be a perfect material for durable packaging so that your receiver will have their items without any harm or damage to it.

The type of containers used for takeout can make a huge difference in how convenient it is to get lunch on the go. For example, the right windowed sandwich box or cardboard present experience.


The raw materials used to make Kraft boxes are very cheap and readily available in the market. This makes them a cost-effective option for packaging and transporting products.

Just like pet round containers - Kraft boxes are affordable and safe for long-term use! Buying these boxes in bulk from packaging providers can help save on your budget. In Supply Smiths case, we offer a variety of Kraft boxes at different sizes – discover which is the perfect match for your business and purchase them per carton for an affordable deal. Use the extra savings gained for other business purposes and focus on growing your brand!

Better graphic printing capabilities

Kraft boxes have better printing and graphic capabilities as they support several printing options such as digital printing, screen printing, lithography. Therefore, they can be extremely helpful tools to market your product. Everything from logos to product information, contact address and other details can be printed on the boxes!


If you’ve just started a business and are looking for a suitable choice of packaging for your takeout, Kraft boxes might be what you are looking for! Take this chance to provide your customers with an enjoyable experience while increasing your brand awareness.