4 Types Of Disposable Cutlery That Are Ideal For Businesses

4 Types Of Disposable Cutlery That Are Ideal For Businesses

The catering and fast-food industries run mainly on disposable cutlery and small disposable containers. When it comes to cutlery, specifically, your options as a business owner can range from biodegradable, reusable, or disposable cutlery. The last option is the most ideal for businesses that are trying to save on water and labour costs. However, with a wide array of disposable cutlery options to choose from, you might end up being more confused than you were at the start.

Indeed, there are several different kinds of disposable cutlery you can use for your food business. It is important to know what these types are to make sure that you choose the ones that are right for the needs of your business and that of your customers. In this article, we enumerate 4 of the most common types of disposable cutlery that are suitable for your food business.

1. Transparent Cutlery

Transparent plastic cutlery is a classic choice when it comes to disposable cutlery. These pieces of plastic cutlery come in a variety of disposable spoons, forks, and even sporks. Most pieces of transparent plastic cutlery are heavy-duty, which makes them an excellent option for restaurants that are looking for durable cutlery. A sophisticated look on cutlery is an additional advantage, which is often used by catering service providers.

2. Solid-Coloured Cutlery

If you own a fast-food business or a restaurant whose main target audience is children and the kids at heart, then cutlery pieces that come in solid colours are the ones you should choose. Bright-coloured disposable spoons, forks, and sporks, together with other tableware, make for exciting and eye-catching display counters. Caterers that provide this kind of cutlery, especially for themed events, often sell because of the increased availability of fancy colour options.

3. Opaque Cutlery

Opaque cutlery is probably the most standard kind of disposable cutlery out there. You can easily find these pieces of cutlery at ice cream parlours and canteens. Opaque cutlery usually works best for simple food packaging, along with other kinds of packaging solutions, such as disposable boxes for food. If you are an owner of a fast-food chain or a distributor at canteens, standard opaque cutlery is one of your best choices.

4. Biodegradable Cutlery 

There is a common misconception that disposable cutlery cannot be eco-friendly at the same time. However, in reality, there are many disposable spoons, forks, and sporks in the market that are simultaneously biodegradable and therefore good for the environment. These disposable pieces of cutlery are typically made from palm leaf and areca leaf, and they fall under the category of biodegradable food packaging. Furthermore, they usually come in bold finishes, stylish designs, and with impressive strength.


There are many reasons why an increasing number of food businesses are now opting to use disposable cutlery. Besides being readily available and convenient to use, this kind of cutlery tends to be more hygienic and safer than its reusable counterparts. Moreover, disposable cutlery comes in a wide range of options to enable businesses to choose the ideal pieces of cutlery for their needs. Among them are transparent, solid-coloured, opaque, and biodegradable disposable cutlery. 

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