4 Fun Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Bento Boxes

4 Fun Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Bento Boxes

Bento boxes have gained immense popularity worldwide as a favoured food packaging option. Their unique appeal lies in the unmatched level of attention and care they demand as compared to other boxed meals. The widespread fascination with bento boxes comes as no surprise, given the numerous benefits they offer. Notably, these sought-after take out food boxes boast both aesthetic appeal and exceptional convenience for users.

Surprisingly, despite their popularity, many people remain unfamiliar with the history and significance of bento boxes. If you are keen to know more about these traditional Japanese food boxes, this article is perfect for you! Here are some of the most interesting facts about bento boxes that will undoubtedly pique your interest.

1. The origin of bento boxes dates back a thousand years 

While it’s widely known that bento boxes have their origins in Japan, their history actually spans centuries. Bento boxes made their first appearance in Japan around 1,000 years ago, during the Kamakura period. During that time, bento boxes served the singular purpose of carrying rice. However, the late 16th century saw the development of distinctive bento boxes crafted from lacquered wood.

As time passed, the use of bento boxes evolved beyond mere lunch containers. Over the following centuries, they found utility in various settings, from entertainment and travel to tea services, theatre excursions and more.

2. Bento boxes are created for convenience and health promotion 

As mentioned earlier, the essence of bento boxes lies in their convenience. The term “bento” itself signifies this aspect, as these takeaway food containers were specifically designed for easy portability. With practical compartments to keep food separated, bento boxes offer a hassle-free solution to carry meals. However, aside from convenience, bento boxes serve another significant purpose – promoting good health.

The ingenious design of bento boxes, with separate compartments, facilitates portion control, making them especially beneficial for individuals seeking balanced meals or working towards weight goals.

3. Bento boxes can be used to express anger or love

In Japan, crafting a bento box for someone holds profound emotional significance. The choice of bento box itself can convey the specific emotion one wishes to express. For instance, when wives are mad at their husbands, they might prepare the shikaeshi bento box (also known as the revenge lunchbox) and fill it with things like raw egg or rice. On the other hand, mothers often prepare their children’s meals using the aisai box, which is a special bento box made to express love.

4. There is such a thing as “decorative bento” 

The Japanese are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and their fondness for all things adorable – and that extends to their lunch presentations as well. In fact, Japan has a delightful culinary art known as “deco-ben”, derived from “decorative bento”, where lunch boxes are transformed into colourful and distinctive creations that are pleasing to both the eyes and tastebuds. If you’re an avid user of Instagram or Pinterest, chances are you’ve already come across some of these captivating deco-bens!


The use of bento boxes for meal packing carries a rich history and holds multiple meanings. With their many benefits and the scope for creative expression, it is no wonder that bento boxes have become highly sought-after food packaging solutions. If you’re looking for a convenient, healthy, meaningful, and creative way to pack your food, using  a bento box is a definite must! 

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