4 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Kid's School Lunch

4 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Kid's School Lunch

If you're a parent, you'd most likely love to see your child excel at school. However, to make sure that your kid is learning and participating well in class, you need to keep their stomach full and happy at all times - satisfied and healthy students are essentially better learners.

As a parent, you can help your child become active and intelligent by providing them with a delicious and nutritious school lunch every day. However, sometimes, children can be picky eaters; your child may choose to skip lunch or consume only a small amount of the food you've prepared if they don't like it.

To help you ensure that your kid goes home with a clean lunch box every day, here are four practical tips to spruce up their school lunch.

Prepare a variety of food

Children generally love to eat. However, if you're providing your child with the same kinds of food every week, there's a huge possibility that they'll eventually get tired of them. To keep your child's appetite up at all times, prepare a variety of food for them every day.

Your child needs to have balanced meals daily that include a mix of various food groups, such as grains, vegetables, meat or protein foods, fruits, and some dairy products like milk and cheese. Make sure these foods come in different dishes or recipes, especially for the vegetables and protein foods.

To help you maintain a variety of food to prepare for your kid, we recommend that you develop a weekly meal plan. A meal plan can reduce the stress of cooking last minute and help you manage your time better.

Make the presentation count

Food presentation is essential when preparing meals for your child. According to research, visual appearance is a significant driver for children's food choices since it is the first sensation that arouses children's interest in a given food. When your food looks appetising, your kid will surely munch them without hesitation.

To make your kid's school lunch more appealing, be sure to make the food presentation count. Prepare colourful vegetables and fruits and serve foods of different shapes to grab your hungry child's attention. In short, be creative when it comes to preparing your kid's lunch.

Use a secure lunch box

Aside from the food, your child's lunch box is also an essential factor that you must consider to make sure that they come home full and happy. Your main priority when choosing your kid's lunch box should be their safety. You must select a secure food container that can protect your child's meal from contamination and spoilage.

Moreover, choosing an eco-friendly food container is also advised, as it can make you a better and more responsible parent. If you always give your kid fruits or finger foods, you might want to consider getting a small plastic container that is reusable, durable, and good for the environment.    

Involve your child

Most importantly, if you want your child to fall in love with your prepared school lunches, you should consider involving them in planning and packaging their meals. Not only is this helpful in preparing foods that will surely appeal to your child, but it can also give you some precious bonding moments with your youngster.

Children are more likely to eat the lunch that they pack or help pack. So, it would be best if you let them help from time to time. Make meal preparation a positive experience by letting your child discuss their food choices and letting them arrange their lunch box.


Preparing your child's school lunch is a fun and fulfilling experience, but it can also be daunting and overwhelming. If your child is not finishing their school meal every day - you may want to switch up the way you prepare their food!

By providing a variety of balanced meals, being creative, choosing the right take out lunch boxes, and letting your kid help, you can better ensure that your youngster will come home from school with a healthy and happy stomach.