4 Simple But Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Used Paper Cups

4 Simple But Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Used Paper Cups

Paper is one of the most popular materials used to make coffee and tea cups. As the demand for coffee and tea increases across the globe, the sales of paper cups are also skyrocketing since they are considered to be cost-efficient and highly effective for packaging hot and cold beverages. However, some people may be against the use of paper cups because they claim that these drink containers are bad for the environment.

According to them, most paper cups end up in landfills and subsequently release methane, which is more harmful than carbon dioxide. But in reality, paper cups are actually among the most eco-friendly materials out there, particularly since they can be reused or repurposed. Read on to find out some of the simplest but most creative ways to repurpose your old paper cups.

1.Storage Containers

    Aside from holding your hot coffee or tea, paper cups can also be a good storage solution. After you have rinsed your used paper cup thoroughly, you can transform it into a storage container for a variety of items. This includes pens, markers, make-up products, cotton buds, and any other bits and pieces that you may have at home. To make your cup storage even more creative, you can customise its exterior to match the aesthetic of your room.

    2. Paper-Based Craft

      Paper cups are a common material used for making a variety of crafts, such as paper cup garlands and paper cup lights. Paper cup garland is a beautiful decoration that is perfect for the holiday season. To make a garland out of your used paper cups, make sure to clean and dry your cups first. Then, cut them off in the middle and paint them afterwards. Finally, poke two holes in each cup in order for them to be strung on a heavy thread.

      Paper cup lights are almost the same as the paper cup garland. To make them, simply cut your paper cups and decorate them. Then, poke one hole at the bottom of each cup. Get a string of bright Christmas lights, and stitch each light into the hole you made at the bottom of the cups. The paper cups will basically serve as the lampshades for every light on the string.

      3. Plant Pots

        Apart from plastic food packaging like PET round containers, paper cups are another popular material you can use to grow your plants. Instead of immediately throwing your used paper cups in the bin, use them as plant pots. Remove their lids and give them a thorough clean before adding compost and planting your chosen seeds. These paper cup plant pots can be a perfect countertop display in your kitchen as well.

        4. Bird Feed

          Humans are not the only ones who enjoy and get excited about treats. Other animals do too! By placing some birdseed inside your used paper cup and putting it on a table outside your house or somewhere that is a bit elevated (so that the birds can see easily spot it on their hunt for food), you can already enjoy watching birds and other creatures up-close, right by your doorstep.

          If you have a dog or a cat, you can also use an old paper cup as a scoop for your pet’s food. The paper cup can also come in handy when gardening since you can utilise it to scoop for dirt and other materials when planting. You may also shred the cup and incorporate it into your compost after it has already reached its limited amount of uses.


          Overall, contrary to some claims, paper cups are not harmful for the environment since they can always be recycled and repurposed. The crafts and uses mentioned in this article are only some of the many things you can do to make sure that your paper cups do not automatically end up in landfills after you have enjoyed your favourite hot coffee or tea. So, if you’re hosting a party or planning for an event, paper cups are the way to go! Check out our impromptu party checklist for some must-have essentials when you’re hosting a get-together with your loved ones.

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