4 Major Types Of Cake Boxes That Can Level Up Your Products

4 Major Types Of Cake Boxes That Can Level Up Your Products

Anywhere you go in the world, cakes are considered a treat to the eyes and your tastebuds. Aside from being a delicious treat to munch on for a snack or dessert, cakes can also act as an amazing additional décor piece for events like birthdays and weddings. As such, delicious cakes require wonderful, eye-catching cake box packaging. 

It is important for the cake box to be of the appropriate shape and size, not too small nor too large. The cake box should also be able to hold the cake easily and securely, and its design should match the brand of the bakery or cake business. These are just some of the many factors to consider in cake boxes.

To learn more about the best cake box packaging in Singapore that is ideal for your business, here are 4 of the most common cake boxes that can level up your cakes and other baked goods.

1. Conventional plain cake box

The traditional plain cake box has been used for quite some time already, and it works very well for different kinds of cakes. These paper cake boxes are available in virgin ITC paper board, recycled paper board, and duplex paper board with or without lamination almost anywhere in the market. Since they are commonly used across Singapore and are quite easy to customise, you can surely never go wrong with these regular cake boxes.

2. Cake box with a window

The cake box with a window design enables you to take a sneak peek at the tasty cakes and pastries that are kept inside the box. This type of cake box entices everyone to open the box and have a slice of flavourful cake. Usually, a cake box with a window cut is manufactured with the use of a machine, and its plastic sheet is pasted manually. It is often a requirement to use premium paper boards for this type of cake box.

3. Corrugated cake box

Corrugated cake boxes are often recommended for those two-tier and three-tier cakes. These kinds of cakes could go quite heavy and would need an extremely sturdy and secure box. For these heavy cakes, corrugated cake boxes are the ideal choice. Moreover, these boxes are fit for storing cakes in the wet fridge because the fridge melts the sugar and icing on the cakes, and the boxes are able to absorb most of the moisture.

4. Cake box with a handle

If you make use of any of the boxes mentioned above, then you are likely to either hold the cake box or ask for a paper bag. What if you can actually combine them in a single packaging? Fortunately, cake boxes with a handle are available in the market! This type of cake box makes it so convenient for the customers to carry their cakes around. However, since it carries the cake, it is necessary for a cake box with a handle to have good strength.


There are different types of cake boxes that you can use to make your cakes and other baked goods look more presentable and appetising. By knowing what these different types are and their benefits, you can better choose the style of cake box that suits your products and the brand of your business. Hopefully, the cake boxes mentioned in this article have already given you an idea of what packaging is ideal for your cakes.

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